Wednesday, August 12, 2020

America the Beautiful

 Something wild from the past:

He also made it look like he drove off from a pump with the nozzle still in the tank.

Tuesday’s stuff for fun:

Leaving Cheyenne this morning I was disappointed to see our neighbor had moved out. Both Sherry and JJ said I was lucky, He started up that BIG WILD TRUCK before quiet time was over. You would have to see it to believe it. But up there are the pictures, This is entertainment, I love it.

I have been asked many times, “Why do you like traveling so much?”

It is hard to say, but as we have driven across this country I never got bored. We have been in over 26 countries and provinces. All are beautiful in their own right, but to me the USA is special.

We have circled the USA, and also covered it from San Diego to Katahdin in Maine. And Key West to   Anchorage Alaska. I have never found a boring drive. I have encountered some bad roads, i.e. the Road from Dawson in the Yukon  thru Chicken, Alaska, but the views were awesome.

I sang ‘America’ most of the trip thru Wyoming. It is no more beautiful than the Smokies or the White Mountains but wonderfully different. Just a few shots. I am writing on the road as JJ drives. Below will be shots from Cheyenne to near Rawlins.


Hundreds of these power windmills.
One more being installed
Our first of many oil wells.As far as you can see, varying colors green to brown.

  definitely not the Rockies but nice rocks.


Small Mts in distance first we have seen.
The road cut thru the red sand stone. We just passed the Red desert.
Farm house out in the field all alone.
As far as you can see

Below, our first Natural gas well...
Lonely Ranch house (I think)
Of course these are more impressive in person.

We arrived in Layton, Utah at about 5 o'clock on Tuesday. More on Wyoming and Utah tomorrow.
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Susie said...

Wow, some parts of that stretch looked like a big snooze fest. LOL I used to like to travel but roads are so full of traffic....not where you are , that's amazing. I absolutely hate those wind turbines around here. They ruin the horizon views. We have them in our county and a solar farm also. I much prefer the solar farm. But I can see why out there where there is nothing ,the turbines might work. My friend calls them "gentle giants"...I told her I call them "okay for your back yard , but not mine". :):) Stay safe out there, Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those are definitely some wide open spaces there. You can see for miles and miles. I cannot imagine living there with no green fields to view. We have nothing but lots of green here, but still it's beautiful Aeerica is where we have it all. You are so blessed to see it. Looking forward to more about Utah. I think there may be ore mountains from the looks of things.

Dar said...

Hmmm, and here I thought of Wyoming as greener and not so flat......what a ride you're taking that includes us. Thanks for that. I was impressed by the wind turbines, actually thinking of a small one for the cabin as well as solar. They all produce power and when it comes from natural sources, all the better. You have been putting on the miles. I enjoyed seeing Grumpy's truck and trailer that looked like his door hit a bump in the road or two. It's always interesting and educational traveling with you.
loven'hugs from up north where I'm back to harvesting produce and Bill's back to making firewood. So it goes in our part of God's country.

Chatty Crone said...

I could never ever do that drive - but I sure do enjoy your photos!

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, that welder's truck is something else! Too funny about the fake gas nozzle.
When, as a little girl, I'd see 'lonely' ranch houses like this I'd always say, "Lucky ducks"! So thankful my childhood wishes didn't come true. LOL!
These vistas do make me want to sing that old Gene Autry song, "Don't fence me in.

betty said...

I remember that about Wyoming. A lot of open space. Gets a bit monotonous driving through it!


Woody said...

WoW, Sure can see a far piece down the road, I would need the window down for fresh Air to stay awake unless it is too Hot ! That is some Truck, Maybe he did drive off from a Gas Pump and rip off the hose, LoL !

Take care you 3 and enjoy yourselves, sending out Prayers for Safe Travels and Good Health ! Love Gary an Anna Mae !

Rosie said...

Jack, thanks for the road trip and I look forward to more of it. I never get bored travelling and love every trip we have done which is all around Australia several times and in Canada, England, Ireland, France and Italy. I would do it again if we could but I think our overseas travel is over due to the Covid (I am so annoyed that this has happened) as we wanted to travel in your country too. Thank you for the wonderful photos and the funny things you see. Stay safe on the roads.

boromax said...

I have been enjoying your travel log IMMENSELY! I miss getting out on the road like that. As you say, I have never been bored out on the road; to me there is always something interesting to see, especially God's beautiful creation. That welder's rat rod truck and trailer is fantastic. Looks like he would need hydraulic lifts to get the ground clearance out on the road. Stay safe and cool.

Lisa said...

Makes me the think of old western movies.
Stay safe

My Tata's Cottage said...

YOu sure find interesting things on the road. I Love seeing all the photos. Have a safe trip and great travels! HUGS across the miles to all of you