Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Smoky California heading South

Gas Stations Past:


Report of Monday’s drive:

This was the sun this morning thru the smoke. That bright California sun that would blind you normally, is easily photographed:


The continuing trip was still fruit/nut trees with some veggies.


There was the Sacramento River, then Sacramento skyline in the smoke.


Then the same for at least a 100 miles before we ran into hills on the right and continued farming on the left (east).



WE saw the California Aqueduct on our east side. Then again wheat and orchard fields. The smoke actually seemed to get worse. Our wall temp shows 102 outside.

 WE went into barren but beautiful tan rolling hills:


Also some burned areas

Again into groves and orchards:


Then houses going into the Bakersfield area.

I love these skinny trees for a privacy fence.
I liked these wagon wheels worked into the fence.

 And I expected some mountains after Bakersfield, but not REAL big mountains. SO... These mountains are like the ones in Utah and early Idaho.

 Below is  one of the 5 or 6 railroad tunnels thru rock way up above the road.

There are higher mountains behind that mountain, but due to the smoke it does not show up on the photo.
We are at Mountain valley RV Park in Tehachapi, CA We will head for las Vegas next. We are nearly out of California.


Nite Shipslog  

The above pictures are taken from 150 I shot. in the 430 miles LOL many blurred of course.   



Lisa said...

I love the photos. I picture California full of Palm trees. Hope you got your hands on some fresh fruit as you passed through.
Nick just showed me a map of what looks like the rout your taking. I get confused on which states are next to the other.

Yall are fun!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved all the pictures and felt like I was riding along with you and could almost smell the smoke in the air. Sure is some beautiful country. Lots of our produce does come from California. Fruit and nuts are important in our diets.Hope you keep cool there in all the heat. We may get close to 90 degrees here today and that is hot for us. Take good care and safe travels.

betty said...

Great pictures you shared! California sure has so many different aspects of it, doesn't it?


Chatty Crone said...

Well - I have been watching the Mentalist which takes place in Sacramento. I also know that north CA and southern CA are like two different states.
I enjoyed the ride and the scenery and the company!

Mevely317 said...

I, too, had to consult a map! (Been a long time since I sat in Geography class.) Back in Arizona Tom planted two of those Cypress "tall skinny" trees alongside the fence -- but neither of us expected them to grow so quickly. Towards the end, I was terrified of them coming down in a monsoon storm and taking out our neighbor's roof!

Woody said...

I love the Pictures you put up, Is the smoke hard on the Lungs, It would make me nervous, Enjoying the Pictures and Narratives that you are sharing ! Sending wish's for Safe Travels and Nice Adventures, Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

I think you'll be glad to be out of the smoke but the heat is crazy out west right now. Take care and continue to share all the pics. I love them! Seeing the mountains makes me happy to look and not drive through them...especially in a big RV! I admire you for taking on this long journey! Stay safe guys!

Dar said...

Wow, I can imagine the smoke to be unbearable. The sun thru it is just a haze. Breathe carefully. I can't imagine~~~~~~~~~love that you're seeing, smelling, tasting your way thru your road trip. but not the smoke.
loven'hugs from up north where the air is clear, hot but breezy.