Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Headed for Ontario, Oregon

  Those Gas Stations from the past:


I have been waving to Bobbie over at Cottleston Pie http://100akerwood.blogspot.com/ Since we hit this beautiful state of Idaho.

Report for Tuesday:

The Utah visit was SWEET. A flavor I will cherish for a long time I hope.

It was good to see Grandpa JJ interact with two granddaughters. It was good to see Grandma Carol also.

Tuesday, Leaving Utah, the hills became less harsh and more farms, pasture, cattle and hay. We passed thru Rattlesnake Pass, wonder why no services? LOL


Once in the potato growing area the landscape was absolutely beautiful with huge circles and squares of light brown (just after gathering grain and making hay) and dark green I am assuming is potatoes. I am going by my scrawny 6 plants back home, It will be my first potato crop if it produces. LOL


 Oh yeah and I don't remember the triple trailers back home.

Thousands of bales of hay!
You could see forever without the haze!

At one of Anderson Grain Elevators, could this be piles of grain? Out in the weather?  It does rain here doesn't it?
The contrast of the just harvested and the growing potato plants was beautiful. Nearing Oregon.

Below the Snake river, we crossed it a couple times. The last time we crossed it we entered Oregon.  Remember Evil attempted to jump the Snake?

Over all, the roads are good, the speed limit is 80, we try to stay 55-60 for a better ride.

Actually some of the flat land is too rocky to farm. It reminds me of the area of ‘Craters of the Moon’ here in Idaho.


 About ½ way thru the state, we did see a lot of corn, beautiful fields.


Also taking advantage of the winds on the plains there are a lot of windmills.

 Nite Shipslog   


My sweetheart resting at 55 miles an hour.

She told me not to put it on, but then she got on to me for not obeying her..... so..... Ain't she cute?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nothing like having the comfort of home while traveling. Loved seeing Sherry stretched out on the couch there. I do love Idaho potatoes and appreciate the potato fields there. You have really put on some miles since leaving your previous spot. Glad you have good roads to travel. Keep safe and enjoy !

Mevely317 said...

80 mph?!? I'm unsure my aging Camry count even get that fast -- lol. Pretty sure I need a refresher course in US Geography -- I'd envisioned Idaho as mountainous. So neat to see Miss Sherry looking so relaxed -- like an advertisement for the RV life!

bobbie said...

Waving back at ya, Jack & Sherry!!
Come by for lunch on your way home!

Woody said...

Nice Pictures, sure is Flat ! Not hard to tell what was harvested and what wasn't bu the brown and green ! It must be nice to just jump on the Sofa and watch the beautiful countryside pass you by ! Take it easy, Safe Travels and Fair Winds ! love from back east ! Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

Sherry looks mighty comfortable and cute! I forgot about triple trailers until I saw your picture. Lots of them in Oregon when we lived there.


Dar said...

Your travels are seeing beautiful country, how I remember potatoes and hay.
We just finished 2nd crop of alfalfa hay and now have to put the potato digger to work. They're so nice this year., loving the buttery Yukon Golds. It's more mountainous where my nephew lives in Idaho., he sees elk often. I've loved traveling with you from home. Stay safe and healthy, my friends.
loven'hugs from up north WI where we traveled some rough highways today to get tractor parts.

Sheila Y said...

On our move from San Antonio to Washington state we spent the night in Twin Falls, Idaho where Knievel attempted snake river canyon.
Take care and safe travels, Sheila