Monday, August 31, 2020

Thru Texas and Oklahoma into Arkansas:

 Service Stations of the past:


Thru TX and OK into Arkansas:

This was the starting view on I-40 and it remained similar for many miles. 


 Then we started seeing huge fields of grain and corn, below is a huge one of Corn.


It is interesting to see these old grain elevators making statements form years past.

The replacement modern elevators serve the huge farm crops.



fields got greener with cattle in the fields and under trees.

The ever present windmill power generators.
Seeing some water look good.

And then came Oklahoma where everyone had to sing....

WE entered Oklahoma and immediately started seeing trees. LOL

Like Texas these remote farm houses and rances were about 10 miles apart.
We all smiled at these brown hills, it looked like the last efforts to be like texas and New Mexico.
The above was to be our highwy view for many miles.
It was nice seeing a lot of water and greenery. The roads were very good and we decided we really decided that Oklahoma was OK!

I wanted to post the below. the dark upright is an active Wind turbine, The blades are going to be replaced or have been. JJ looked it up and these turbines cost millions and each one costs 48K$ a year maintenance.  HOWEVER they pay for themselves in a YEAR. WOW


And then came Oklahoma City this is a part skyline. YOu will probably that sorry Timothy McVey(?) .


This was a giant piece of art over the interstate. It is definitely unique, and impressive.

 WE passed the USAF museum and tis is the only shot I caught.

The picture below is basically the remain highway view until we reached Arkansas. The roads were MOSTLY very good in OK.


So on Monday night we will sleep in Arkansas.Next stop.....TENNESSEE!

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 ABOUT THE CATS: Stella's Grandma Mary has been taking her to see the cats often and feeds them. She has stolen my Tom and at last report has not returned him. Really I don't know about cats, but I sure do like these. I miss them. looking forward to seeing them.


Mevely317 said...

LOL ... I was tickled to hear you all sang upon entering OK-lahoma! (Me, too!) 'Recall being so excited when, on summer road trips, we'd get to Oklahoma City the hallowed home of KOMA-AM radio. (Aside: Once the sun went down, every teen in northern New Mexico would highjack their parents radios to listen to KOMA.) The last time I had occasion to travel through Oklahoma, it seemed every highway was a toll road.
Thanks for the update on your 'pups'!

yaya said...

When I was a kid we camped in OK at a place called Red Rock Canyon. The road was so flat we couldn't figure out where there would be a canyon. However, the road dipped down and sure enough there was a camp surrounded by red rock walls! It was one of the best campgrounds we stayed at that trip. Enjoy your travels. I'm sure the scenery will be beautiful in Tennessee!

betty said...

Thanks for the update about the cats. I will always miss Stormy. Beautiful area rich with history you are going through!


Glenda said...

So sorry I missed JJ's Birthday, Happy Belated!!! The tour has been awesome. What magnificent fields you've driven through, makes me homesick for the Missouri farm. You've logged a lot of miles and many smiles. My hope is that when you cross the NC state line all is good in your world; warm hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Susan Kane said...

I remember thinking that the states of Oklahoma and Texas would never end. You and Sherry drove by parts of farming history.

Sheila Y said...

Happy Birthday to JJ! We drove that route between Oklahoma City and Memphis many times, going and coming between Kansas and Alabama. The kitties will be glad to see you too.