Friday, August 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Last day, Fri report

 Gas stations Past:

 There are still two states where you cannot pump your own gas, Idaho and NJ methinks.

Report of FRIDAY’s Vegas day:

Well I was looking at 108 on our outside thermometer.  Sherry & Jack suggested a trip to Hoover Dam, since our road home no longer goes over the dam. HWY 93 at one time rode the top of the dam, but since that time a super big bridge has been built to bypass the two lane road. This is the bridge as viewed from the top of the dam.


To be honest it did slow the traffic because many people slowed down to see the power plant and the lake itself.

Before heading to the dam, Dewey called and said he had found the boxes and stuff he wanted us to take to his nephew Dale in North Carolina so we drove up there.

After more good byes we loaded the 80-100 lbs and headed to Boulder city. We wound down the road and came to a sign: ROAD CLOSED. WE took the road to ‘View Lake Mead’, we could not see the dam.


Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful lake and view.  But you do not get to see the dam. JJ had never seen it and we drove down there just for him to experience the enormity of that dam. OUCH

Hopefully in the morning he will get to see the back of the dam and power plant.

I did not mean to give the impression that everything not on the strip was run down, there are some beautiful developments and homes. 

And as you can see with the skyline of Las Vegas the smoke is still with us.

Good bye shots of more of Sin City.


But look what was sitting in the New Raiders stadium parking lot, beautiful 1950s Chevies.


Nite Shipslog  

publishing Friday night, we should be on the road to New Mexico Sat morning.   


Mevely317 said...

What a disappointment! Like the Grand Canyon,I suppose some things need to be seen with your own eyes to be appreciated. But! I still believe everything happens for a reason. Safe travels, and give a wave to my home town if you're in the vicinity!

Lisa said...

Is the lake dried up in this photo? You still got some beautiful shots. New Mexico will be fun to see too.

From Rainy NC

Glenda said...

Great pics anyway, even if you didn't get to the Dam. I'll bet that the most fun Jack, Sr had yesterday was the parking lot in the Raiders Stadium!!! Be safe, Glenda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never seen the dam either so also disappointed you didn't get to see it. You did get some beautiful pictures though and I appreciate those. Glad you hadn't left the vicinity so you could get those boxes from Dewey. I've only seen the west in California and Texas. So it will be nice to see New Metico too. Take care and stay safe on the roads that lead to home.

Chatty Crone said...

One thing I have seen is the dam. I am sorry he couldn't see it - as it is such a powerful site.
I have been to Las Vegas too - I see on the HGTV there is a lot of building going on there.

betty said...

Sorry you all couldn't see the dam. It is impressive! We toured it years ago with the kids; very interesting tour! Oregon when we lived there you couldn't pump your own gas. I don't know if it has changed over the years.


Susie said...

My daughter went to visit the dam and had the dam tour. Every time she said that I just laugh . Sorry JJ did not get to see the dam. You all have been a lot of miles. Please be save coming back to your home. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

yaya said...

We were able to see the dam when we were there in the 80's. That's a bummer JJ couldn't see it. I always liked New Mexico. Have a good day tomorrow!

Dar said...

For something so monumental as the Hoover Dam, you'd think there was ' some place ' it could still be viewed and toured. I'm sorry JJ didn't have that experience. I've never seen it but would love to. Loved the 50's Chevy's. That would have made my trip if I were there. Carry on and have a safe, healthy trip home. As for the cookie cutter homes and the smoke over LA, no thanks. I'm definitely a country gal.
loven'hugs from up north, or ( northeast from your location ), where we are having beautiful weather, sunshine, cool air, clear skies.