Saturday, August 15, 2020

Milk sandwiches & a big home

Those old Gas stations:


Report of Friday:

JJ and I were talking yesterday and I mentioned stopping by Aldi’s once because we needed some loaf bread. I walked thru looking for the bread, NONE, all the shelves were empty.

I asked one of the employees, “Where is the bread?”

A look like WHY would you ask before asking, “Haven’t you heard there is a storm coming?”

I was flabbergasted. I looked at the milk case, EMPTY, it hit me what I have heard, the shelves empty when people down south hear a storm is coming. Do people really think that a storm here will last a week? And buy out all the bread and milk.


I cracked up.  Now here in Utah…

Ben is a supervisor on some big home construction projects. His crew framed this house on the side of the Wasatch Mountains. The lot value is $500,000. The house has 200 windows and has been under construction over a year. Finish value of the home alone near 2 million.I took this picture nearly strait up. Subject house is the one on the left.


 Below is the kitchen, those are marble floors. The cabinet men had just started, the black cabinets will cost $40K. There will be a walkin refrigerator not included in the price.

More marble floors. Below is one of the many baths all marble.
Tray ceilings 3 deep

Above is looking up at suspended concrete floors for the garages above.
Above is the Rock landscaping on the back yard and below one of the 30' garage doors.

The view of Layton, Utah from the Mid floor porch.
I have never been in a house of this value, certainly never wanted one.

Below is one already finished and occupied on the same mountain.

 I am very proud of JJ's son Ben. I KNOW just reading the plans for 6-7000 sqft homes of three levels and 200 windows is a nightmare. Then actually framing it is an accomplishment.


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betty said...

Wow,what a house! I always drive by big houses like this and think two things, especially since we are in Phoenix where the AC runs constantly day and night. How expensive is it to keep it cool during winter and I certainly don't want to clean a house that big. WTG though for Ben being involved with the project. Too funny that bread is not available because of a potential storm. Were you able to find toilet paper though?


Susie said...

Your grandson has done a fine job. But I don't get spending that kind of money on any house. Who really needs that kind of room. Who wants to keep those floors clean. LOL. Hope you are getting lots of family hugs and fun times. Stay safe. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

Hahahaha on JJ's 'milk sandwiches' remark!
Seeing these photos, there were a couple times my mouth was hanging open. I mean, WHO needs marble flooring in their kitchen? (Ice skating, anyone?)
I'd be really curious to know if it's not a celebrity having this built -- then again, it would probably be held in the name of a corporation. Fun post!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I imagine you are really proud of your grandson following in your footsteps building homes. This is one huge house and not many could afford it, but for those that can, it would be wonderful. That is quite a pricy neighbor hood. Hope you don't have any storms coming your way. Take good care and keep safe.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't think I would want to live in a place like that - but I am sure proud of your Ben!
Who in the world can afford that?

Lisa said...

How does anyone have that much money? Beautiful home. I bet at that price it will have a live in maid and butler.

From South Kakalacky

Dar said...

I can see you beaming knowing Ben is smart as his Grandpa. What a mansion. I'll keep my humble abode. We can maintain it ourselves. Different strokes for different folks and ya can't even take it with ya ~ anyone with that much in excess doesn't have to worry about taxes, debt maybe but not taxes or utilities. lol It's nice you got to see how your grandson survives. I'm glad you all get to spend more time with Ben especially.
loven'hugs from up north where my amount of exorbitance came out of my garden. I share........ya unt'some? Safe travels.

Susan Kane said...

What a mansion!! Ben! It is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree truism.

Woody said...

Sounds like the Stores up "North" just before a bad storm, shelves empty of Bread, Eggs and Milk ! Nice Pictures, Interesting ! Enjoy yourselves, Gary an Anna Mae