Sunday, August 2, 2020

Kentucky and Ohio

Gas Stations of History:

 (NOTE: Posting early since I went off line a couple times, not sure about the coming morning, tomorrow, Michigan.

For Monday’s stuff:

One thought as we leave.

This is Jude above he did not know I clicked the pic. He refuses to have his picture taken. Below is Jack Jr, Stephen, Jenn and Kennedy.

Jennifer says she loves her job. She is now an ICU nurse and is assigned to ONE patient, to whom she can dedicate for her entire shift. She is able to focus her attention. I had never thought of that, but I have never been a nurse either. Funny that, In my small experiences with medical staff, it seemed the nurses had more common sense than Dr’s. Not meaning to disparage Dr’s here.

Below is what is left of a lemon pound cake friends Ann and daisy made for us for the trip (they are in their early 90s).

We left Knoxville headed thru Kentucky for Ohio. Kentucky has some good memories to us.

The Kentucky Horse Park Museum (super place) and RV park. My childhood horse hero, Man O War is buried there.

Below is what little  I caught of the Rocky Top sign.

The landscape is beautiful as we traversed the Cumberland Mountains and the cattle and horse farms.

I also enjoyed seeing a boulevard named for him. Then there is the original KFC at Corbin, we did not stop this time. Boonesboro, where we have camped and so many other points; we just drove on by.

We saw MANY of these 'mudders', must be a big past time in Kentuck.

Kentucky is where we met some great folks. Ora and Chaplain Mixon, there was Also Debbie, Gary and daughter Terri. Gary was a mechanic, such a wonderful unassuming guy who passed away soon after the visit.


The first city was Cincinnati this is the sky line:

This is th4 double decker bridge over the Ohio River that flows right thru Cincinnati.

We waved at MA and Yaya as we drove thru. I love the Barns and fields of Ohio.

Dayton Sky line as we passed by.

There is something to admire about farmers that can do this....

We choose Van Buren State Park. There is so much offered at this lovely park, it is also a horse park. We will be here just over night.

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betty said...

You are covering a lot of miles!! Nurses are the backbone of the hospital. They keep things running smoothly!


Chatty Crone said...

Wow - will this trip be mostly driving or do you have a lot of plans to stop. I see you visited your other son - was that his son?
Well we are heading to Cincinnati in November - my son lives there - I recognize the trip through Tennessee and Kentucky and the bridges of Ohio!

Susie said...

I hope you waved at Margo when you went thru Cincinnati. She's my grandgirl. LOL. You are seeing a lot of road sights. Ted and I say nurses are very good at their jobs and sometimes more caring. Blessings to you and Sherry, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

Glenda said...

What GREAT pics, Jack, Jr. looks happy ~ but he always does! So loved all the scenic photos and especially of your grand and greats!!! Be SAFE; have fun, Love, Glenda

Mevely317 said...

What a sweet family photo! I love Jude's glasses; and Kennedy reminds me a little of her cousin, Rosemary.
After having lived in N.M., then West Texas -- I recall being astounded when flying into Ohio how everything was so lush and green. Like the Emerald City, lol.
Have fun n' be good!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Waving right back at you as you go through Ohio, my home state. It's a beautiful place to live. Glad to see no rain in your pictures, apparently you went through before they moved in here. We have more rain today. Hope your lovely weather holds as you go on into Michican. Good to hear you are making good time and all is well at your house. Enjoy your visit before you head on.

yaya said...

Wish you could have stopped by! I hope you have a great time! Love the scenery.

Dar said...

Oh, how good to see you on the road again enjoying our great country's gorgeous scenery. Your son's family is so beautiful, especially sweet lil Kennedy and handsome lad, Jude. I love seeing the little ones as they grow so fast. Thanks to Jenn for becoming a nurse. I appreciate what she and her nursing friends do. They are compassionate people, hands down. Oh my, the Lemon Pound cake looks divine, I'm sure an old family favorite recipe of your lady friends. Michigan is so beautiful. Enjoy the ride. Are you seeing both the lower and the UP? There are so many breathtaking stops along the way.
loven'hugs from up north WI where, tho it's still cool, it's refreshing. I can breathe. Off to pick green beans and garden peas, cucumbers and hopefully a tomato or two.

Woody said...

Glad to see you "On The Road Again" and loved the Pictures of Places I probably will never see in person but your descriptions are Great, I am Jealous about you going to Ohio, My distant Cousin, Reuben Wood was Governor of Ohio, his picture hangs in the Capitol and I always thought I would get to see it. You and Jack look good standing there !!! You and Sherry enjoy yourselves !!!! Sending our Love and Traveling Mercies for you ! Gary an Anna Mae.

Lisa said...

Thanks for taking us along. Everyone looks happy.
Cute Kids.