Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Post Script to Bittersweet days

These are in no order. Above is Shirl's place after the party. Smokey and I solving the worlds problems.

Janet in Shirl's living room

A picture of OUR cd's from Smokey

Dance while you Can, book from Vernon & Janet

Our Waiter for the night, with Shirl

The infamous bottle of Goo Gone.

Dining room table, I am the only one still eating, I ordered a half steer to celebrat Shirls 37th Birthday.

Smokey, Shirl and I outside the The WoodShed.

I have tried to upload pictures for 45 minutes now. If I get them up they belong with the last post. I bet your Dashboard looks like a wreck with all the Shipslog entries, it they all took.


Paula said...

Nice pictures and it looks as if you all had a good time.

betty said...

actually there wasn't a lot of entries on Dashboard Jack so don't worry about that. wonderful pictures!!! Shirl is one beautiful woman!! I'm so glad you all got to celebrate her 37th???? birthday together!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shirl...and wow...37?? hmmmm? you sure are one pretty lady...glad you had a nice dinner with good friends...doesn't get any better than that...and sorry tohear about Louise...but she is home now...and we are left to keep her memory...God Bless...hugs...Ora PS..Jack your pics were lovely..I enjoyed each one...just one question....??? did you and Smoky get the problems of the world solved...if the White House...Barrack is looking for you both LOLOL....

Sheila Y said...

Great pictures of the gang, thanks for sharing. Condolences to Louise's family and friends. Have a great day, Sheila

Debbie said...

Looks like all of you were having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. So now we know why you had to get so much money from Shirl's account at the bank. I hope they had a huge doggie bag so you could take part of that steer home.


Lucy said...

Super pictures Jack, and Shirl looks 37!!! The only car I have seen is a car that parks across the street all day on work daYS. nOT THAT SMAll but looks just like a box on wheels, and is smaller. than other cars. Lucy

Terri said...

Love the all look great!