Monday, February 23, 2015

Federal Taxes

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Yeah, I get slower and slower in filing. I used the IRS website again for the instructions and forms. Friend Jerry out of Shelby sent me the Turbo Tax software gratis, but nothing I had would open it or I didn’t know how (one of the two). I am pretty thick at times.  (Don’t repeat that, my wife thinks I am smart).

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Anyway although I do like this computer and the new technology, there are times I miss the paper feel.  Remember when the IRS sent 18 billion forms to Post Offices; then sent you instructions and forms via mail? Shucks, the postage alone would have been millions.

They do not do that anymore. I am afraid to guess, but I would say that the IRS saved several Billion at least, by not printing and sending the forms. So did they give any back to us?  Not that I noticed, did you get a check?


Anyway, I did not know how to save the form I was filling out on line, so when I had to go to the ‘cute’ instructions, I lost the form and refilled what I had lost. Fun. I said a few bad words, but I got-r-done. Let me say that I am happy that Florida does not have an income tax so we do not have to file a state form.


I was expecting another huge refund. Last year we started to buy a car with the $39.00 we got back. But no such luck!  We are getting a total of $4 back this year.  Hardly worth all the bad words. Next year I think I will click the box that lets them figure it out.

I was so thrilled about the $4, I woke Sherry to tell her. Anyway if your refund is late, it will because they had to use it to sent us our refund.

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I hope you have jumped thru all the hoops and filed. I’d hate for you to be reading the Shipslog from the Slammer.

Thanks for listening,

Nite Shipslog

PS: I no longer have a business so We do not have a CPA anymore to do the taxes. And I am too cheap to hire anyone else.

NOTE: I don’t think anyone in the USA would mind paying their fair share, if our Government could spend it reasonably.


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No joke, this is a Cobra IRS REAREND!

(Not related to THE IRS)



Above: Pay your Taxes or they come and get something.

Below is when they only take part!



Unknown said...

I'm laughing out loud about the slammer. By the way, if you are in the slammer, at least you are deriving room and board from all those taxes you've paid. LOL!


They took all the fun out of it by filing online. I remember the old days too when you would have til midnight to get it to the post office for the day's postmark. There would be businesses giving out free pizza, soda pop and desserts downtown to those that ventured out that late.

Rose said...

I still use an Accountant and my friends say it is wasting my money because my income is just Soc. Sec. but I've had this man for years and I don't have to worry about any new rules put into place, etc.

I keep seeing "Please prove you're not a robot" where the comment section is on most of Bloggers sites. I don't see that on mine, did you have to personally add it?

betty said...

At least it is done for another year, Jack :) We always wait until the last minute to file so I'm sure we'll do the same this year. I do remember the good old days with all the forms sent via mail. Times sure have changed!


Paula said...

Income tax time sure comes around fast. I try to keep up on things all year so I don't have to hunt papers down at the last minute. I'm ready but some papers haven't come in yet that I need.

shirl72 said...

Glad you got your tax forms done.
You are really getting back a
good amount. I don't think it will
buy a sandwich and drink at McDonald
If you loan me $2.00 for my meal.
Do you feel like telling them to keep that amount? We have all paid enough through the years.

Mevely317 said...

Lovin' this tale, Jack!
Maybe on account I worked for a CPA for nearly a decade, this meant a lot.

Ya, I'm of the paper generation and remember having to type tax returns. Now, I'm prone to forget what we had to eat Saturday night, but I can still rattle off Daniel Adams' Co.'s employer identification number faster than my own street address!

I'd hoped to file our return via Turbo Tax by now, but just got 'caught up.' Were there just more hours in the day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to consider myself fortunate to get anything back at all, but it is better than owing for sure. Anyway it is always a feeling of relief when it's all done. Still very cold and snow covered here. Glad you all are a bit warmer there.