Monday, March 23, 2015

Gardens and learning the English language

It is the time of the year for garden planning I hear. The last few years I have tried to have a couple tomato plants and have not been too successful. My Sisters say I love ‘em to death.

When we were stationary we did plant a few things, but I am too cheap, lazy, or ignorant of what to buy to put on the earth to make it love me. Last year I tried planting a couple tomato plants next to a telephone pole, Shirl also gave me a cantaloupe plants I put it there too. I think we got one ‘lope. and a few tomatoes.


Shirl is very good at growing, she has a green thumb. She used to do great with tomatoes but in the last few years I think she has stuck to the small tomatoes and she grows some delicious ones. When she lived in Charlotte and I cut her grass a few times, I enjoyed cutting close enough to stop and get a hand full of Tommy-toes. That is what the little tomatoes were called in my family. Now I  know they are ‘cherry or grape tomatoes’.


My most favorite sandwich in the world is tomato. I was reminded by Buddy out in New Mexico (Or where ever he is now), that he had never eaten a ‘sandwich’ until he joined the USAF. Until then we ate ‘’mater sammiges”. A mater sammige was Loaf bread, a lot of may’naise, salt, pepper and as many slices of mater as you could hold in between the bread.


Now you see why some of us boys from the South  had to be taught English once we wuz away from home.  If you are from the South, ‘everbody’' else’ has accents, we don’t. :-0.  We even smile at y’all!


If my life and livelihood depended on knowing growing stuff, I am sure I would learn. I’d never know as much as Dar, Mel and Cher up in the north woods or Bonnie in eastern Carolina. But I would try harder.


I sit here thinking about veggies and remember the fresh corn we bought off the Amish Wagon in Lancaster,Pennsylvania last spring. DELICIOUS, now I am wanting maters and corn.


But I will settle for a nanner sammige. (Banana Sandwich)


Thanks for stopping by the log.

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PS: I probably quit using the terms ‘mater and nanner sammige’ by the time I was twelve.


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1991 autos Regal, Caddy, Golf and Buick (or Chevy?)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Nothing better than a good ripe tomato, mayo and Wonder bread....grew up on those...!!

Paula said...

Nothing like a fresh tomato. My garden is doing well so far (one tomato in a cattle feed bucket).

betty said...

Never had a banana sandwich, sounds interesting! I do remember having tomato sandwiches growing up, tomato with butter on bread, delicious! I think gardens are wonderful, we had a few in the past, might in the future. The veggies always taste so delicious that are grown in them!


Sheila Y said...

Now I've never thought to cut my banana lengthwise, I always cut it into circles. :-)) I seen where my Mama called me out on making biscuits...ha. I'll have to post a picture to my blog. Take care, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is nothing quite as tasty as a homegrown tomato. I don't garden anymore but we have plenty of roadside stands not too far away and I'll get my fill of fresh vegetables from them. That's a long way off though..meanwhile I can dream !

Rose said...

Tomatoes from the garden are my favorite.....add some fresh basil, vinegar and oil and mop it up with some good Italian bread!

No planting for me livingin a condo! I tried planting cherry tomatoes in a bucket but it didn't work well.

Most condos won't allow it anyway.

Annesphamily said...

We have not had the opportunity to try a garden in our back yard! I tried on the front last year but the squash and cucumbers were too rubbery! SO we plan to work the soil and try to plant a few veggies. The problem here in Colorado is that we can have snow until the first of May! Always a great post! Thanks Jack, enjoy your week.

shirl72 said...

I have been busy doing yard
work. Need to get my plants out.
The weather said maybe drop in temp last of week. I will plant squash
and tomatoes after that. Haven't seen any grape tomatoes this season.
The grape tomatoes are really good.

Mevely317 said...

Like you said, if my livelihood depended on it I MIGHT learn to grow vegetables. Then again, no-one better be too hungry!

I tried growing peas once when I was about 10 y/o; does that count?
For some reason this made me recall how asparagus used to grow wild on either side of the northern N.M. highways! Now THAT's something I'd like to try, but I don't suppose the Arizona soil is particularly accommodating.

Rick Watson said...

You didn't have to translate any of those terms, I'm familiar with them all.
I love growing stuff in the spring and summer.