Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Some things do not change

Historical Photo:
   Early Arizonians......

Age & change
Many people on blogger that read, blog and/or comment are of retirement age. I am well into retirement age, I will be 80 this January.

In my life time the baseball and softballs have remained the same size. Mostly they even look the same, but now there maybe pictures or team names on them, but they are basically the same.

Now stores are another subject. Many of you may remember the small grocery stores that allowed you to charge your groceries until payday and they even delivered them to your house in paper bags and boxes.  The delivery boy was seldom tipped and the grocer did not charge interest on the total you had charged.

Cars have definitely changed, wildly so in design. I would be amiss if I didn’t say the mechanical parts are better and engines do not wear out as soon. I very seldom see a car ‘smoking’ going down the road anymore. I seldom add oil between changes. Some cars go from birth to death and still have the same spark plugs. Oh yes, cars have changed.

I am not sure if we EVER get the ironing board out anymore. Many homes do not have a sewing machine.  Wash day is usually less than 2.5 hours, and most of that time machines are doing the work. Seldom do we hang anything. (We do have about 10-15 clothes pins.LOL

What started this post was a little red and white can of oil. It is called ‘3 in 1’.  Mama had a small can at her sewing machine and daddy had one twice that size stored somewhere. We oiled everything with ‘3 in 1’:
Leather razor straps, scissors, hunting rifles, door hinges, bicycles, skates, swing chains, chairs, gliders anything that squeaked. The can has changed some, mine is metal. the new ones are plastic.

George Cole invented the 3 in 1 in 1894 it is now produced by the WD40 company of all people.  (and just like panty hose there are now many varieties of 3 in 1 for this and that!)

I haven’t used that in a LONG time. I am too quick to get the WD-40. But as I held that little can my mind raced thru the years.  I thought how nice that basically something has not changed even from since before I was born. I have no idea how old that can is.  It could be over 30 years old.

I know me ‘n you are like 3 in 1, we NEVER change …..         …. (not)

Nite Shipslog

I searched 3 in one oil car, this is what I got!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully there are some things that never change and help us to stay rooted. Change is a constant thing with new things happening every day, but we need to remember that there are things that never change and to treasure them.

betty said...

So true about the balls not changing size and again so true with how much other things have changed. Change can be a good thing! I sometimes resist it but most change is for our own good.


Dar said...

Change happens daily but it's how we handle it that counts...personally, all the technical changes happen so quickly now that I cannot keep up so I don't worry about it. Change I can handle are the growth of our Grandloves and the weather. It is all good. As for WD40, did you know it'll clean and shine your stainless steel sink like nothing other. Just sayin'
love n' hugs from up north where my misery is a pinched nerve in my neck...I'd love to see that Change..........

Lisa said...

Well my question still remains. With everything changing and technology so advanced they can operate on babies inside the womb, then why do dentist still use pliers and drills?
I rarely use an iron but I do hang all my clothes.
I have W-D40 but I betcha my mom still has a little can of that 3 in 1 sitting at her sewing machine right now.

cute post

Chatty Crone said...

Interesting post like they all are.

But I have a sewing machine and I don't sew new clothes , but I do repairs.

I do a lad of laundry a day.

And I iron once a week - for grandson's school clothes.

I was just telling the hubs this very morning that we are probably the last of the dying breed of old people who do this!


Mevely317 said...

Yes! I recall my mother's 3-in-1 oil.
I nearly gave away our iron and board when we moved, but figured Murphy's Law would rise up someday and make me regret it. My son still irons his slacks and polo shirts every week like my mom taught him. Probably a carryover from his h.s. years at Florida Air.


i remember 3 in 1. but wd40 is what i use nowadays.