Tuesday, August 7, 2018

When I say skate!

Historical Photo:
 Delaware log house, Delaware. Wisconsin

Skate in the military is when someone tries/or avoids work or duty.
But when I say Skate some folk think of fish.
The Artic Skate is a fish that looks like a sting ray, it has sort of wings.

Say skate to the girls in Wisconsin and they see the ice skate.

But when I hear skate, I see metal wheels, a skate key and lots of summer fun. The Western Auto loved me. I bought more wheels than anyone I knew. I liked get up some speed then jump sideways to slide my skates on the sidewalk, after dark the sparks were neat, but I wore out a lot of wheels. I would have been killed on a skateboard!!!  I am amazed at the balance of kids today.
Boys liked sparks so much we would buy the small table leg slides and stick them on the bottom of our shoes then run and slide.

Looking back at my childhood entertainment, one was simply rolling an old worn-out car tire. I mean simply rolling the tire up and down the road or on the side walk. But for some reason it was fun!
 We did this a few times!

Kids can make fun..... I have nothing against the electronic devices, but some times kids just need to 'stretch their muscles.' 

What was your favorite 'outdoor fun' as a youngster?
Nite Shipslog
Speaking of tires: Hey Lisa, lookee here!
 This is one tough hula hoop dude!

 1939 Lasalle convertible


Unknown said...

In high school it was basketball after school almost every day. I never was very good but we'd play for hours.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, kids can have a lot of fun with just about anything. My own loved boxes. They would sit in them like they were a car or a boat, make houses with them and use their imagination. They also skated and would race up and down the sidewalks for hours on end. It really doesn't take much money at all for a child to have fun, still my grandchildren now have so many toys that they couldn't possibly play with them all in one day. I spent a lot of time at the roller arena when I was a teen. Even learned to ballroom dance on skates. That was a long time ago though and now don't do much dancing on or off skates. Ha! But I still do have a great imagination !

Lisa said...

Enjoyed this post. I saw a skate in the water just the other day here at the beach. Someone said “you mean a stingray?” No, I meant a skate. And I also had a pair of those ajustable metal skates with the leather buckles just like you picture here. We would makes sparks with those too but never heard of the sparking the shoes from the the metal chair leg buttons. Thats way cool. And I laughed at about the rolling tires. Yes we had fun with tires even in my day. From rolling down a hill in them to making the best swings ever.

Love from the sand

Chatty Crone said...

Now that was interesting. And the boy trying to do the hula hoop with that huge tire! Well it is even hard for me to believe knowing me now - but when I was younger I was outside in the woods with my friends - we had a San hill - a creek - trees - and I played there all the time.

The kids - the only exercise they get it their fingers on the phone.

Are you still sending yourself a post to get the others mailed to you?
I have the fix if you need it.


Mevely317 said...

I loved this post!
Man, I'd have lived out of doors had my parents allowed! I didn't have an ounce of coordination, but I loved both my ice skates and rollers -- the kind that needed a key (we wore on a rope around our necks). I had pretend rifles (pieces of wood) and an honest-to-goodness Davy Crockett coon-skin hat. Once my dad made me a pair of stilts … surprisingly, I got pretty good. Even tried my hand at trying to walk atop the chain link fence that separated our yard from Mr. and Mrs. Kosty.
Good memories … thanks!!!

Woody said...

I saw Skate nd first thought of Scallops as this is a substitute for the real deal, If you like Scallops it is easy to tell if The Scallop is flaky and layered, Skate is solid and has to be cut. My past time after school was milking 6 Holstien cows, shoveling out the gutters, throwing down bales of hay, feeding the horses and separating the crème from the milk ! I was not into sports as I rode the bus home and didn't like the 5 mile walk !!!

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betty said...

I had a pair of roller skates and loved skating back and forth on the sidewalk in front of our us. I'm sure I put a lot of miles on those skates, LOL. Could never get the hang of roller blading though, probably because I was a young adult when I tried it.

We spent a lot of time outdoors when I was growing up. I feel for the kids these days who aren't encouraged to go out and be imaginative with what is in their back yard, neighborhood, etc. to discover and play with (safely of course).