Friday, August 21, 2020

To the Pacific Ocean

 Those Gas Stations from the past:

For Thursday's drive:

We are in Salem, the capitol of Oregon.  JJ took Sherry to get her hair cut and he did the grocery shopping. I stuck around here and vacuumed out home.

Since JJ had never seen the Pacific we took a drive over to Lincoln City to see the waves.

The trip (50-60 miles) was thru a lot of trees and farm country.



We drove down to the beach, I mean we drove down. WE on the East Coast (or First Coast) have flat land long before we get to the Atlantic Ocean.


I saw the beaches of Spain and France long before I sw the Pacific Ocean. I was impressed by the rugged walls, cliffs just before the sand.  I found the Pacific coast line to be much the same. Out here at times the mountains drop right down to the coast.

It was cold on the beach!
Many shores of the Pacific have rocks at the beach.
It was very hazy so this is the results North & South.

I cannot leave a beach without a shell, This one was unique:

We spent a little time there then came back. We knew Grandson Corey was coming down and did not want to be gone when he arrived.
I cannot pass a barn shot.
And the picture below is harvested logs

This shot shows an area of harvested trees. It will be replanted .

This area was harvested about 10-15 yrs ago

Many trees along the way were covered with Moss, sorta eerie looking.

Thursday was a relaxed day. Sherry’s hair looked good and she was happy with the hair dresser, but not the cost out here, LOL

Corey's load today kept him from coming down. Thurs.  He will be here  Friday morning.


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Susie said...

I am glad your son has seen the Pacific. There are lower place along the coast. I always think of the NW as rugged. Hope you get to see your g.son. One year we belonged to our bank's travel club. We flew to LA and saw a lot of sights. Went to the beaches. that was in Feb. Then in October of that year, we went to 14 states and saw the Atlantic ocean. So we went coast to coast but not in the same trip, but it was the same year. I cried both times. There was a corner in Indiana that was my universe growing up and I had seen things I only dreamed of finally. Blessings to all, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

betty said...

Another set of great pictures!! The beach in Oregon is so different from the beach in the San Diego area! More rugged for sure!! It must have been refreshing to have it cool especially if you have been in hot weather along the way!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lovely to see the Pacific Ocean. It is quite different than the Atlantic. Still beautiful in its own way. Glad they do replant the trees they cut down. It takes a long time to grow a forest. Glad you will soon meet up with the grandson, You've gone a long way to see him Bout as far west as you can go on land anyway!

Mevely317 said...

You're sure spoiling me with these pictures, Jack. Great to 'see' the USA without leaving home. :)
Can you just imagine waking up every morning and having coffee on one of those balconies overlooking the surf? It does look chilly there; the 'grandma' in me wants to go throw a jacket on those girls in their bathing suits. (*grin*)

Hope by the time you're reading this Corey will have arrived!

Chatty Crone said...

More interesting things to see and learn about. Hope Corey gets there tomorrow. The moss does seem weird.

yaya said...

I love the Oregon coast but it sure is cooler than other beaches! I could sit and listen to the waves forever! Enjoy your Grandson!

Lisa said...

He beaches and ocean are still beautiful no matter how cold, foggy, or edgy they are.

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