Monday, October 10, 2016

A late, but good day.

We took our time getting ready and loading stuff then drove over to Deltona. Our trip is via Toll roads mostly.  The governor suspended all tolls for a few days due to the Hurricane workers, power and cleanup crews needing to get around quickly.  Today's trip was the first time we paid tolls this time around.

Technology is amazing. Florida has an optional ‘Sun-Pass’. There is a small plastic box with two suction cups to hold it to your windshield up behind the rearview mirror. Once set up we do not have to stop for toll booths. Many places we don’t even have to slow down. Now as we drive the little box is read by electronic pulse. It charges the toll to my account. I have $30 prepaid, when the account gets down to $10 the system automatically takes $20 from our debit card.  No one touches anything, everything is automatic.  We do not get a statement. When we want to see the charges we go on line and can see a record of the tolls charged. Amazing that this is done at 60-70mph.  We will drive the Coach tomorrow and it will know (somehow) and  charge for 4 axles rather than two.

We did have a good day today. Part of it was at Lowes  getting supplies.

Our house HAD a beautiful lavender (purple) closet. I knew it would be very hard to paint, it was full of shelves. I liked it. Besides WHO CARES THE COLOR OF THE CLOSET?

Answer: SHERRY! (She didn't even like the orange crown and base, can you believe it?)

So today she set out to paint the closet and DID. Then she painted the room, and finally she started the tough job of covering the ‘orange’ trim.  I was proud of her. She did a great job, even cleaned the roller and brush.

I was outside digging, cutting raking and piling the debris at curbside.  Then I started the other bedroom. Tomorrow we will take the coach back to our house.

Nite Shipslog

My first work truck
Early 1950's Chevy ( I forgot the year, maybe a '52)


Mevely317 said...

I nominate Sherry as BEST-DRESSED house-painter of 2016!!!
(Not so fond of lavender/purple myself.)

Yours is getting to be a family-friendly blog, my friend. Each night I read your progress and pass the tablet onto Tom. Swear, I never heard of those Sun Pass gizzmo's ... in turn, he thinks I'm losing my mind. LOL!

betty said...

They had those Sun Passes in Southern California for the toll roads but they called them Fast Pass there. One time we inadvertently didn't stop at the toll booth to pay the toll (we were just back to California and getting used to toll roads). Sure enough we got a ticket in the mail a few weeks later; ticket plus fine. I explained the situation that we were from Montana, new to the area, made a honest mistake. Paid the whole fee but got a refund for the fine a few weeks later :)

Its a wonderful service provided people know what they are doing :)

We had a house in Oregon once that had brocade wall paper. I "swore" after we bought the house that was the first thing to go. Five years later when the house sold, it was still there :) So glad that Sherryt decided to take the "plunge" and rid your house of orange trim and lavender closets :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with Sherry, I'd have painted the closet too. Besides there is nothing like a coat of paint to freshen things up. Sounds like you all have been very busy. Hope moving the coach back home means that you have power there now.

Dar said...

Youngsters like yourselves put me to shame. No way could I handle being on a ladder at the moment....still a bit tippy without the party.
You sure are getting after it. Good for you. Do you hire out? lol
Safe travels to you and hugs from up north.

Dar said...

HOW could I not mention that awesome Chevy truck that shares my birth yr.
WOW, wouldn't she make an amazing pumpkin wagon., even love the color. I want one.

Lisa said...

Sounds like Sherry is getting the job done well. I don't blame her with the purple and orange. geeesh! When we moved into our home it had a grape purple bedroom. It was the first to go. Next was the Teal dining room. Where do people come up with these colors???

Enjoying the updates

shirl72 said...

Well I would be lost with the toll roads..I do good to drive in Belmont.
Glad everything is coming along good. I have been there done all that and now
I am lazy and ready to just sit.

Jackie said...

We have the PeachPass. Those toll lanes are sometimes empty (here in Georgia....and according to the time of the day and the traffic, can be expensive.)
Sherry looks wonderful....and I tip my hat to both of you for the hard work and enthusiasm you have.
Sending love from South Georgia to you both.

Unknown said...

I'm usually so on Sherry's side. But I simply like those colors.

Glenda said...

Siding with Sherry on the orange trim ~ looks like she's doing a great job with the painting!

Jean said...

I like to paint it makes me feel good to look at before and after. Sherry looks so nice in her painting clothes. Me it would be shorts and an old t- shirt. I usually get more paint on me then on what I'm painting. Well some anyway. (SMILE). You guys take care. Jean