Monday, October 31, 2016


Our first Halloween in a 'neighborhood' in many years. Hey, what do we know, we bought a $15 bag of mixed candies.  My girl asked me to wind down early and be with her to give out the candy.  I did (I was really planning on doing so anyway) after all it is the time of ghosts and goblins.

WE are ready, we waited,......... and waited.  It got  dark, now it is time, the door bell rang. A little 'Frozen Queen' from down the street. It has started...  We waited....... waited...... We had a good visit. Time to sit and chat. Make plans for a possible bathroom.... we waited... Ah, kids noise.. THREE of them... Good stuff cute and dressed up in bought costumes.

We waited..... lights... A truck.... Son Mark came up and yelled, "Trick or treat!"  He was the last....  Maybe he will take a lot of candy back home with him!

I guess there are so many church and school activities now that house to hose trick or treating may be dwindling. Or that is what it seems like here tonight.

So Happy Halloween to all of you ghosts and goblins.

Nite Shipslog

I miss seeing kids imaginations as they made their own costumes. I understand businesses wanting to sell costumes, but I do not like it. I like to think I understand change,  and understand this is 'these kids time' I had mine.  But I still miss the home-made creations.

These could be Halloween cars.


Lisa said...

I like the home made costumes best too. We went for a walk around the neighborhood. There were only 3 houses handing out candy. Saw a few kids but nothing like it the good ol days. I remember how it used to look like a street party going on. I think a few reasons contribute to no trick or treating. (1) safety is a bug issue now. (2) like you said, churches and schools have safer options. And (3) candy is so dog gone expensive.

Ready for Thanksgiving tonget here now.

betty said...

We had about 50 kids which were better than the last 3 years with none. I gave away a lot of candy but still have some left. I think we were the only ones in our block giving out candy. Some family was smart. They drove their kids to houses with lights on.


Mevely317 said...

I, too, miss the 'home-grown' costumes!
We just ran out of candy and shut down the garage door a few minutes ago. There must have been a hundred or more!
Pretty neat that almost every 'covey' was accompanied by a mom and/or dad.
A first! Amid all the princessess and goblins, two little sisters looked like novice nuns; and their little brother was clad in a chocolate vest with the initials IHS across his chest. (I confess, I had to walk across the street and ask the retired minister and his wife what that meant!)

That's pretty funny about Mark coming 'trick or treat' at the end!

Happy Howl-o'ween!

Back Porch Writer said...

We never have any on our street. George and I go Christmas shopping on Halloween and grab a bite to eat. It's always fun, and we usually have the store to ourselves. Of course the sales haven't started. We didn't find anything last night on our search. But we still had fun. Most places gave us candy. They were trying to get rid of it. lol

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I deleted my comments because of my typing. We don't have any small children in our neighborhood so I didn't have any visitors. I bought candy in case but want have any trouble giving it away at Church Sunday. We also made our costumes and it was fun..times have changed....loved the good ole days.

Unknown said...

No one came to my apartment door. I saw very few trick or treaters outside as well. Not only do activities abound, but I think some parents are just afraid of the weirdos. In the past, I've known people who took their kids out, but would not let them eat the candy. The parents bought candy for their children themselves, then replaced what the kids garnered. I do understand the concerns.

Dar said...

After dark, trick-or-treating is over here, but no one stops anymore. Most parents take their kids either to church or private parties where they don't have to worry. It's sad, but true. They also have a haunted house at the old DNR buildings, pretty creepy! Bill was disappointed cuz he still had a whole lot of pumpkins to give away., and candy, of course. Now he has to eat it.
The pumpkins will be fed to the deer. Hmmmmmm, mincemeat and pumpkins pies, and venison steaks do sound good.
Love and hugs from up north where it was 62 today-unheard of for up here the first of Nov. Once again, I'm not complaining.

Paula said...

Not many trick or treat here either. Cowboy Fellowship has such a big party it's more fun for them to go there. On Sunday the park was full of goblins before dark, guess the city was having something by the crowd of people. The ducks were all huddled together on one end as if they were afraid.