Friday, October 21, 2016

Now to storage

Material was delivered today for our storage building.  Once it is built we can get my 'stuff' out of the way.  This is a little of my inside stuff:

This is some of my outside stuff.

(I do clean this area up every other day!)

Son Mark came over and brought a washer and dryer.  We went out for pizza.  Upon return he helped me get the  storage building started.  He insisted I needed to cut a limb that was over the building. So we stopped construction while he argued with the tree limb until it was too dark to work.

We start again in the morning.

I am enjoying one neighbor especially. Mr. Valentine. He isn't actually a neighbor, but his daughter and hubby have bought the house and he is helping them remodel, so he and I have a lot in common.  He is a very personable guy.  We are thrilled with the nice folk we have met here as neighbors and in the businesses.

Even the Lowes delivery guy, Angel, although he was late due to equipment problems, was very nice and apologized. He placed the material exactly where I asked. 

Anyway we will go out for breakfast in the morning, then by Lowes for screws nails and saw blades.

I am continually pleased at meeting so many nice folk and realizing we aren't really headed for Hell in a handbasket, and every one you  meet is not out to take you.  Most folk are just good people. I like that feeling.

Nite Shiplog

 I loved the little Nash & Hudson Metropolitan. I think these are 1954


Mevely317 said...

Ya, focusing on the GOOD in others has got to turn one's mind around. What a transformation!

Are you going to invite your realtor-lady (already I've forgotten her name) over to see the results? This is better than an episode of HGTV!

betty said...

Seems like you picked a good fit for your neighborhood! Glad you are meeting people and enjoying their companionship! Continued congratulations for your moving forward with that which must be done!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having good neighbors and helpful people in your community does make a difference. Sounds like you've made a winning decision in moving there. Glad you have a helping hand with your son too. Certainly makes the work go a little faster.

Sheila Y said...

Everything is coming along nicely. Soon you will be able to relax and enjoy. Sending love from up here in cooler NC. 🍂 🍁 Take care, Sheila

Unknown said...

Your contrarian commentor here. I meet ill-motivated people, disgruntled ones, & mockingly cruel ones, too-- on a regular basis. I do not, however, shop at Lowes or frequent any pizza joints, so that may be the problem.

Lisa said...

Im thrilled that you are running into so many great folk. Im sure they they talk about the nice guys you two are as well.

From the sand

Jean said...

I like to watch HGTV the shows that show the before and after and you guys have done a great job. A lot cooler up here in south Alabama to day we even have the flame heater going and it feels so nice and cozy just to watch. Take care. Jean

Woody said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place in Florida. Happy for you 2. We had that dirty 4 letter word today, Snow, just a trace but enough. You take care.
Warmest Regards from the North Country !
Gary & Anna Mae

Dar said...

Major appliances, a new storage building to build, things are hopping down there. We, too, have been pleased with our neighbors and sounds like you also have struck gold with yours. It's a safer feeling, isn't it.
We sell our pumpkins on the ' honor' system and have been very happy. We even get an occasional kind note in the mailbox. Can't beat that.
Love and sunshine from our sunny, freshly mowed, northwoods. The weather sure has been favorable. I pray I can still say that in a couple months.
Carry on.

Rick Watson said...

I have a theory: If you look for the good you'll most likely find it. If you look for the bad, you'll find that too.
I'd rather look for the good