Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We are back home.

Things are going great.  We were in no hurry leaving Orlando so it was after noon by the time we had water and power hooked up to the coach here in Deltona.  We spent part of the day at Lowes and Home Depot.  I needed a sheet of plywood to hide the return vent in the kitchen, LOWES DID NOT HAVE PLYWOOD.  I am thinking the manager here must be slack.  Sherry was with me, my wise wife smiled, could it be because of the hurricane?

It was one of those 'palm your face' moments. OF COURSE, and there is probably   a shortage all up and down the coast now. She suggested Home Depot. Smart girl I married.  Home Depot's shipment of plywood had just arrived and I got the plywood.

Back at the house we decided to finish all the painting in the house we could, since we had spent most of our time traveling and shopping. Sherry in her work clothes:

 But  here she was after finishing the 2nd coat.
Then she thought it was cute I had painted around a towel that was hanging here. (I was really just cleaning out a brush to go clean it.)

I have been searching for the sewer line leaving the house.  I dug a 6ft ditch 2 ft deep where I KNEW a plumber would have exited the concrete slab.  Nothing, I covered the ditch. After a sandwich I went back out to work and decided to pull the commode having two purposes in mind. To paint behind it and try to determine where the sewer left the house.  One bolt was tough and the commode was grouted to the tile, a first for me. A commode should NEVER be grouted or caulked.  If it leaks around the base, it should be fixed. Grouting or caulking only delays the problem.
But I did find the exit line and it was on another wall.  I will dig for it later.  I did paint behind the commode then noticed the time. OUCH time flies when you are having fun, it was after 10PM.  I quickly cleaned up everything and came out to the motor home.

I am honestly going to try to not worry my girl and stop at a reasonable hour.

When we were in Alaska with daylight 24 hours a day, I told Sherry If we lived here I would work myself to death.  LOL

More later.

Nite Shipslog.

I think this is probably a  late 59 early 60's Dodge.
This is a 1964 Corvair. I really did like this little Chevy!


Mevely317 said...

Y'all look so happy!
... does a body good. :)
G'night from the desert.

betty said...

It is good to be busy, especially doing something you enjoy doing :) Time seems to fly that way, doesn't it?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Long work days like the one you put in would be the end of me. These days I quit at dinner time and relax the rest of the evening. Too much work, even though it's good, takes it's tole for sure. Most days I work a little and rest a lot. Takes me longer that way but still it eventually will get done.

Lisa said...

Its great seeing smiles on your faces. The aahhh moment of sherry is priceless. If I were there, Id help you paint. I love painting trim.

get some rest!

Dar said...

you are two very busy little bees.......it's a gratifying ' tired ' tho, isn't it. We love keeping busy too. Makes a gal and a guy feel good.
Love those sincere smiles.......really Jack, painting ' around ' the towel. You crack me up. lol
Have a great rest of this Wed. We are getting cold up north, it was 29 this morning.....brrrr but love it.

Rick Watson said...

I know all your hard work will pay off Jack but you really should pace yourself because the road is long.

Back Porch Writer said...

Moving into a home is a lot of work. But you all will have it whipped into shape like you want in no time. You have a lot of skill between you. Oh I guess that is true that everyone boarded up for the hurricane. Probably a few days and they'll have more. Good luck. Don't work too hard.

Paula said...

Good job you two.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are doing good and things looking good. That is a 59 Dodge remember I drove one that I ordered special it was all white with black fins, I loved that car. Take it easy and rest don't work to hard.

Unknown said...

It you are energetic til 10 pm, cut off at 7, take a shower, & have some sex instead.
I'm an atheist; am I allowed to say that to someone whose wife regularly reads the Bible? I have great respect for Sherry.
In my apartment the commode is grouted. Hmmm.