Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another good day.

I enjoy this type of thing, it is more fun than work.  No I am not over working. I don't think much about the age thing. Today started off doing a little cleaning and straightening my tools.  I do like an orderly work space.  Now that is my view, others would day different.

Sherry called a paving contractor for a price on a drive to fit where I got stuck. We met he measured what I wanted and said he would get back to us the first of the week.

Then off to Lowes for more materials.  Within an 2 hours of being back we had the sink in place and the dishwasher hooked up and tested, and Sherry had finished cleaning the windows.  It is amazing how much of the Florida sand ends up in the window bases.

We knocked off early and went for Pizza, it was neat, sorta like a date.  Both of us are enjoying the work. Sherry's knee is trying to do better, but she sorta tells a white lie every once in a while, about her  pain.  But I think over all, after her Doctor told her the knee was good, but did have some arthritis, she isn't worried as much. (Down inside I know she was worried about a knee replacement, neither of us look forward to that if it is in our future. Reason being many of our peers have had problems with joint replacements.

But, I think she feels better knowing the pain will reside.

I went out at 9PM and moved the stove for painting. WOW,  someone had slipped a brand new stove into a spot that has never been cleaned since the house was born, so for an hour I cleaned the walls of grease , floors and cabinet tops.  I think the kitchen is ready for painting.  We want to have the painting done in the kitchen before son Mark brings our refer the first of the week.

Sunday coming up. 

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are really zipping along there with getting things done. Glad you are enjoying it all. Here i'm in the process of sorting through and getting rid of a lot of stuff accumulated through the years. It's a tedious job and there is lots to do. Glad I have plenty of time cause I'll need it.

Mevely317 said...

Dang, I wish I had a 10th of your energy!

What a relief to hear Sherry's knees gonna 'stay put'! Tom's been delighted with his new hip, but it seems more and more of our peers are undergoing replacement surgery of some sort. One has to wonder if they're all really necessary.

Wishing y'all a great new day!

betty said...

I agree with what Myra says, I wish I had some of your energy, but I know this is the type of work you enjoy. Now try to rest a bit and enjoy your Sunday.


Lisa said...

You are "Jack of all trades". You guys are really on top of things. Im glad to hear yall are having fun. Tell Sherry to take it easy on the knee. Yall have a lot more dates ahead!

Wish I was in Florida

Dar said...

Boy, you are getting after it~lots done in another day. Good for you.
I also have arthritis in my is painful. I've found that heat and one of those knee elastic stabilizer's helps to support it and also keep the swelling down. Some have a hole where the kneecap goes, I have both kinds and they both serve the purpose.
The fall scene is gorgeous. I saw a lot of it today on a mini road trip.
It's going to last with all the beautiful weather we're getting.
Stay Safe, Work Hard, Sleep Sound, Get up and do it all over again.

Rick Watson said...

Good for you Jack. I enjoy that work too. I know your place is going to be remarkable when you're through.

Paula said...

Having had rent property in the past I'm quite familiar with greasy stoves and spaces where they stand.Sure is a good feeling when you get it done though. Your place is going o be so nice when you two get it all done.

Unknown said...

I'm glad the knee situation is under control. I'd thought Sherry had been ill & not fully recovered yet. I'm glad that is not so.
You make, I think, even the mundane into honeymoons, dates, happy experiences.
I'm an atheist, but I surely praise & believe in that(even if I can't do it).