Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Every day is good, some even better

It is too late to Blog, but here I am. LOL  I have been working on a material list for the storage building.  I decided on a 12x16. So actually ordering on line 'ain't no fun', to the old carpenter.  Many things do not have the same 'name or nomenclature' I am used to.

Anyway, I think I had it, I wanted a copy and my ink said, 'hu oh, sorry I am out!'  I used to re-ink my cartridges until the machines smartened up and won' accept it.

Anyway the day was good. Mark helped me tie up some loose ends, then he had Sherry's spaghetti with us, then he and Janie headed for New Port Richie.  His realtor called and said they had a contract.
(Great GRandma letting Jude drive the motor home. a few months ago)

At the end of all RESIDENTIAL construction there is what is referred to as the "PUNCH OUT LIST". We are that close, today after Mark left we did a punch out list, room by room.

In the kitchen we decided we needed to work out something for more storage. The  kitchen is small, friend MaryAnn calls this size a 'Butt-rubbing Kitchen'.  Anyway I found a 12" x 12" area 6' high. That is enough shelving area for groceries methinks, so I will install a SMALL cabinet.

Hope you had a great day.  Sending everyone who reads this LOVE and thanks for stopping by. Pictures coming soon.  I remove the masking on the bathtub in the morrow.

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Back Porch Writer said...

Sounds like you are about to get it all together!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A cabinet in the kitchen will help a lot. I have one here I use for the can goods etc and it works out well. Glad you are almost done. Seems you've really got a lot done in a little time. Nice you had your son there to help for a few days. Having a storage shed will be of great help too. Here I store a lot in the garage and still have room for car. Although that luxury may not be the thing much longer, hopefully at least through the winter. We'll see...

betty said...

Always fun to work on the projects like you are doing. Planning for them is just as fun.


Lisa said...

Wow I am amazed and proud of you on how far yall have gotten on this. Yes a cabinet(or pantry) will be a great addition. That's pictures of Sherry and Jude is adorable.

Happy Humpday

Glenda said...

Wrapping up the projects, now for the fun stuff, estate & yard sales to furnish that newly renovated home! Hope that bathtub project meets your expectations, y'all really have accomplished a lot ~ even with a major hurricane in the midst!!! Have a beautiful day...Glenda

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, Jude is growing so fast. Imagine, we blink and he'll be a young man sitting in the driver's seat with G-Gma Sherry on HIS lap. LOL!

Butt-rubbing kitchen? I love it! :)

Congrats to Mark on another home sale!

Paula said...

Your new home sounds wonderful, good job.

Dar said...

You two are so content. I love it.
Sounds like the house is getting buttoned up nicely. I'm not surprised for the both of you are worker bees for sure. Take time for Great Grandma letting Jude do the driving. Sweet.

(hard to believe Bill mowed the lawn again today~so unusual for us. We're used to snowflakes by the end of Oct. We'll take it tho.)
Stay safe, hugged n' healthy. Love from our warm north

shirl72 said...

Hope Jude has his driver's license. Glad everything is coming together so
you can take it easy. I know you enjoy that type of work, but it is time
to slow down we not getting any younger. Glad Mark has a contract on his other house that[s good. It is nice for Mark to help with some task..Brother do get your rest....

Unknown said...

I cannot imagine the 2 of you mind a little butt-rubbing, as long as Sherry doesn't feel cramped cooking in it. I am not even much of a cooker of late, but I do like my counter space to be plentiful.

The people I've known only use punch out in a very different way.