Monday, October 3, 2016

Things are looking good

Things have picked up. Today the gas man came and turned out to be a great guy. I had plumbed the gas by old standards. He pointed that out, then said, "I will turn the gas on, I am sure you can fix the problems."  He went on about, unlocking the meter, I went back to painting.  I noticed he was taking a lot of time and a few trips to this truck. After about ten minutes I went over the water heater room. He was finishing up making all the changes.  

He turned and said, "This is a slow day for me, these parts didn't' cost my company nor you anything. They are parts I have scavenged from old heaters."

He did a great job, and did not charge a thing.  Of course I gave him some lunch money. He acted surprised and gave me a big thank you.

I always enjoy meeting folk who reminds me, 'There are still great folk in the country.'

 But on a sad note. I haven't mentioned it because I had joked about and played with the neighbor’s chicken that constantly wandered over to our motor home back in Belmont. The day we left Belmont, I opened our front curtains and it looked as if it had snowed up at the road.  It was feathers and our visiting chicken had been killed by a passing auto.   Stella came out to the motor home. She brought us a feather to remind us of the chicken.

Ah, but the work here is progressing nicely.  We now have hot water, a double sink, most of the home painted on the inside and an A/C man coming in the morning.

The paving guys have been here about an RV driveway where I got stuck.  The prices so far are better than I expected.

So, life in Florida still looks good. Well, except for Matthew that could hit Daytona and we are only 23 miles inland.  We shall see!

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Mevely317 said...

How wonderfully reassuring to know there's still good and decent folks .... outside Belmont! 😀
Stella's gesture just grabbed my heart.

Speaking of good and decent, I think y'all might enjoy Bradley Walker's new song, "Call Me Old-Fashioned." I shared that link on my FB page last evening.

betty said...

Figures you would get settled in just when a hurricane is about to descend. Let's hope Matthew takes a different turn away from the coastline and out to sea. In the meanwhile, you guys seem to be doing great with getting things organized and set up! Good hard working days with each and every one of them fulfilling your plans to turn that house into your home :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Will be keeping you all in my prayers as far as the hurricane goes. Best to batten down the hatches for the weekend they are saying. I remember when one of my son's lived in Florida and they had hurricane shutters they would put on. I was relieved when he moved to a different state. It's good to hear all is going good there and hopefully it will continue in the days ahead.

Lisa said...

This made me smile knowing everything is falling into place for you. So far it sounds like there are good ole folks there in Florida. Sad about the chicken but sweet what Stella did.

Heading to work

Dar said...

things are progressing and you are so kind to commend the guy for a job well done. It's the kind of praise that isn't seen so much anymore. You are a love and I'm sure he will remember you.
Sorry about your friend Chicken. Dad used to have a flock of them that would jump up on the 4-wheeler with him and mom would get so mad. He'd get so scratched up sometimes and he healed slow.
Have a good one, we'll be back in a week.
Til then, may your days be stress-free, safe and full of Sherry hugs. Love to see you enjoying FL. Prayers that Matthew keeps his distance.

Jean said...

Praying that the hurricane goes the other way I know how much damage they can do miles from the place they come into. We have had some bad damage here and we are for inland from where they hit. Opral was one. It’s nice to know they’re good people around when you move to a new place. Take care. Jean

Woody said...

Prayers for Safe and uneventful Storm that comes your way, My friend in Myrtle Beach has been told to move his camper, my friend in Surf Side Beach Police Department said they have called in all people, cancelled all days off and vacation, said maybe a 100 mile evacuation away from the Ocean.
Prayers for you 2 !
Gary an Anna Mae!

shirl72 said...

Glad things are coming together. I have also been thinking about Matthew
and hope it will take a turn. That is a concern and I have been following
the weather on TV. I am praying for it to turn away and go back out to sea.

Glenda said...

Got to love it when appliance guy uses salvaged parts to fix a problem! Deland sounds like an "Old Florida" town. Stay safe and dry.

Unknown said...

I think you are getting back the good turns you & Sherry have accumulated through your good deeds over the years. If not, random luck is great too!
Apparently, not for the chicken though....