Thursday, October 20, 2016

Curtains mean you are close to the finish

Yep, Sherry bought a bed spread and a curtain for Bedroom #1 and  valence for the kitchen. First, a bath tub report. The do it yourself kit is only good for someone who can use a spray can backwards. LOL The tub came out okay, but I did get a 'small run' (Mark said 'Dad that is a WAVE"). I did okay on the back wall, ends and bottom, BUT spraying that inside wall of the tub was too tough when you cannot lean on the tub (ha).  Anyway it is good enough for what we wanted. When this gives out I will replace the tub. There is the bathroom:

 Sherry was sweet and bought a mat to cover my 'wave'.
Actually I am fairly happy with the job, it it just holds up.

Sherry's Bedroom #1, I think she did well!

The kitchen looks good also. The small cabinets we added just past the refrig in a small corner will hold enough groceries methinks.

Remember the silver duck work in the corner.  It is hid now by the box  above the refrigerator. You can look past the Refrigerator ans see the small cabinets we added. Sherry added the 'apple'  valence above her new double sink. That is a very small kitchen. (But, but we are used to also having our dining room suit in that much space. LOL) 

Yeah, when the lady of the house says we need rugs and curtains, you know you are about there.  LOL

Today I also extended the RV sewer 10 feet and dug a ditch and run conduit for electrical plus water for the coach in its eventual parking spot.

Tomorrow material for my playhouse, 12x16 storage building.  Hopefully soon the paving man sill be caught up and get us a drive. 

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PS: I didn't go to sleep typing tonight!
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Jean said...

Sherry did a great job on the bed room I love it. Everything looks so nice you guys sure made it look likeff a new home. I have to keep mat in our tub to keep Grover from slipping down and if you hadn't told us about the wave we would never knew the difference. It looks so pretty. Take care.Jean

betty said...

All great looking! I like the way the kitchen looks and the bedroom looks cozy! Bath tub came out pretty darn good too!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow! It all looks great ! Your home decorator there did a fine job and so did the carpenter and the plumber and electrician. You are a Jack of all trades for sure !

Unknown said...

Looks good!

Glenda said...

The bathtub refinish looks great ~ probably needed a bathmat there anyway. The bedspread and drapes are beautiful, glad the closet interior isn't purple, ha ha! Is that what's called a "galley kitchen" on a ship? New cabinets are perfect ~ y'all are gitting er done!!!

Mevely317 said...

Woo-hoo! I really (really!) like the colors Sherry chose for the spread and windows.
I started to call her 'your home-maker', but that would be unreasonably insulting you. It takes TWO baby! (Isn't that the way the song goes?)

shirl72 said...

I am tired reading all the work that you both are doing. I have been there
but think I could do it again. The bathroom looks very good. Like the curtains and bedspread. That is hard work been there and done all that a few times. I thought about all the work that went into the Charlotte house. Every thing looking good.....Now rest

Dar said...

I agree with your rest!
Everything is looking wonderful. The two of you are like newly weds getting your first place in order and having a blast doing it. Way ta go kids.!!!!
love from another sunny 40's something day in the north.

Unknown said...

I moved into this apartment officially on July 1 & it still does not look as good as your little house. You & Sherry get it done. Uhm, I've held spray cans backwards accidentally, so maybe I could actually do that bathroom work(not). Love the colors Sherry chose for the bedroom.