Sunday, October 9, 2016

Stinking house and stinking car!

When we opened up the house after the hurricane, there was a bad odor.  We opened all the windows for the day.
I had taken the trash bags off the shoulder of the road so they would not be scattered by the hurricane winds.  They were in secured plastic bags so I didn't give it a second thought.

After working some, we were tired and wanted to grab a sandwich then head home. Sherry said, "Since we do not have a trash container yet, lets carry these bags back to the RV park dumpster.” No problem, we double bagged them and I taped the tops very securely.

We returned a window to Lowes. On the way you could tell the smell was going to escape. So we used several towels I had in the car. I got some plastic at Lowes and we secured the packages and headed to eat.

Before leaving the restaurant I took a paper towel and covered it with scented soap.  I smeared it over the plastic.  WE hadn’t gone 5 miles when we realized this was not going to work, the car STUNK! I thought of stopping at a service station and giving them $5 to use their dumpster bur many stations weren't open for lack of electric.

Finally we lowered the windows (I started to say we 'rolled' the windows down, but now we have electric windows).  Sherry's hair was blowing in the wind, mine was too, well I could feel the wind. The smell got better and we reminisced and tried to kiss (but even in a FIT it is hard to do, those danged bucket seats and console).

We talked about our dates in 1955/56 back when only a few cars had A/C. I did miss the 'wind wing window', remember them? In the summer everywhere you went you drove with the windows down.  But then she could lean over against me and kiss some, there was no console in those cars.

Anyway, we had a good time (as the saying goes, ‘We made Lemonade!). BUT part of it was a STINKING TRIP!  LOL

Nite Shipslog

WE smooched a lot in this '48 Chevy convertible.  Top up or down.
This dude never stunk!


Mevely317 said...

Hey Jack, I STILL 'roll' my car windows down! :)

Chuckling about your stinkin' situation. Why? Well, I just left Mary's blog (Pile of Smiles) where she talked about covering up smells. Here, I'll quote:

“What’s that awful smell? Can you wash it off?” (That's her hubby.)
On the drive home, I learned that Patchouli reminded him of the sixty’s. He educated me about pot smoking hippies. They chose Patchouli as a way to cover up their smoking habits and lack of bathing.

'Learn something new every day!

betty said...

There's nothing worse than a smell you can't seem to get rid of, but at least you tried to make the best of it :)


Paula said...

Yes I remember those little windows on cars.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank goodness you were able to get rid of the stinking smells and were able to air things out. The worse stink is skunk and it seems to take for ever to go away. At least you could move yours away.

Dar said...

Stinkin' garbage makes a trip unbearable .......... til ya kiss your loved one. :) 'MA' mentioned skunk smell....we realized that passing a stink like that is miserable til you open the windows and let the cross-breeze blow it out of the vehicle. Believe it or not, it does, that skunk smell in a house is another story all together.....just ask Bill. lol
Have a sweet-smellin' week.

Lisa said...

hahaha. Cute story. Next time, carry a shovel just in case you get pulled over to make it even more exciting.

Its cold here!

Annesphamily said...

Such a cute story Jack! Glad you are both ok after the storm. I was thinking of you earlier today. Our oldest daughter took me to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast and we had my youngest grandson's baby with us. When we pulled in the parking lot, a guy driving a perfectly restored Studebaker truck pulled in next to us. I said I must get a photo of that when we leave but he was gone. Drat! When we left the restaurant we saw an ambulance and a fire truck. It looked like they were taking someone out of there. So sad.
Talking about talking out the trash I have to get our trash cans and recycle cans ready to roll. I am a great recycle person! Our daughter who lives two doors down, not so much! So since we have two trash cans and two recycle cans I took my full recycle to her house and brought her nearly empty one to fill up at my house! There is so much a person can recycle.
I always enjoy your stories. Take care and hope you and Sherry both enjoy your new week. Thanks for the share!