Sunday, October 30, 2016

Some Furniture


We did get a small wooden dining room table and chairs at an estate sale.   I have  grown to like chairs that roll, these do.  We also purchased a used couch and recliner at 'Hospice Re-sale'.

The trailer has come in handy. The couch was not real heavy but awkward. I had back the trailer to our front door and we were  trying to get the couch and chair out before our neighbor spotted us. TOO LATE, Miguel from across the street, came running and without asking, started helping. 

He would take no $ for the help, and only said, "We are neighbors."

He was like 'The  Lone Ranger', leaving immediately after the help was rendered.  It was very nice of him
(Still no silver bullet)

I will put some pictures on of the furniture soon.

I am working a little more on the shed. I now have 30' of wide shelving. Work goes slow when you take time to shop for stuff. LOL (I am falling asleep as I type.)

I also found an office chair at a yard sale as a  replacement chair for my computer dining room chair. Mine was worn out (fabric wise)!

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The Studebaker


Mevely317 said...

Well, I have-ta admit, I was growing concerned. (Isn't it funny how we become accustomed to one another's rhythms?)

Your neighbors certainly sound like keepers!
We look forward to seeing pictures of your 'loot', but tomorrow's another day.

betty said...

Miguel sounds like a wonderful neighbor! Always good to be a good neighbor and to have a good neighbor! Sounds like Miguel got both!

Neat with finding the furniture little by little you need for your "new digs."


Jackie said...

God bless those who help others.
I know that you snd Sherry are counted among them. You both have done the same for others. Things come full circle, my friend. Thank you to Miguel for lending a helping hand.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you really got a lot of shopping done...two rooms anyway. I imagine you are not done. Glad you had a helping hand. Good neighbors can't be beat!

Lisa said...

Cant wait to see the new furniture. I think you have landed in a good spot with good neighbors. Im sure Sherry will bake the Lone Ranger some cookies or something once she gets that kitchen fired up.

Happy Halloween

Unknown said...

You are a Miguel too, Jack.

Dar said...

We should all have such wonderful neighbors,......oh wait, we do. It's a good feeling too. We closed up shop with the pumpkin business this morning. Have a Happy Halloween. You can go as Jack of all Trade, your bride as a bottle of Sherry!
Love and fun from up north where the winds are cold but the sun still shines.

shirl72 said...

Sounds like you have good neighbors..Glad everything is coming along. It will good to see pictures of the way you will have things set-up. Nice looking Studebaker we had 2 that model. Hope you are getting some rest.

Woody said...

Thout it strange I saw you missed a Post, I wish I could find 2 dining room chairs for our place that had wheels or large casters on them, I like there type dining chairs.
Glad things are going good, Happy Halloween !!
Gary & Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

I was afraid you'd been abducted by aliens:)