Saturday, October 29, 2016


There is nothing  I know of that makes a woman feel better about herself other than a 'successful' trip the the beautician.  Most of the time my girl comes out happy.  At home our grand daughter Sherece does her hair and she is always pleased.  Traveling is another thing,  She must find a beautician.

When she reads this she will be surprised, because she hasn't mentioned a hair stylist here in Deltona. I don't think she has had time. LOL

When she was a kid, she had long hair:

When we met she had long hair:

When we were married she had long hair:

One of favorites the pony tail, she had two boys by now. 1960's

 Then the late 60's early 70's it was shorter.
Early 70's the working lady in Cuba, at a key punch.

I forget when but remember the high DOO's  (60's or 80's)

 Now the hair is shorter, a beautiful silver color and always beautiful.

Wearing a pack
OR EXERcising:
Her hair looks good!  (The last picture was taken last week I think, the girl looks good in her 70's doesn't she?)  (I will suffer for the last picture, OUCH)

She is sleep reading as I type so I am safe until tomorrow after we shop for some furniture and she looks at this. Imma thinking should I delete the picture?

Nite Shipslog

The fleet line Chevy from the late 40's My girl's favorite classic car.
And then for your entertainment and to jog your memory, if you are in a state way north of us, 


betty said...

LOL, you may want to delete the picture, or she may get a good laugh! It is interesting how us women change our hair styles over the years. Now I go for something very simple, wash and dry. Gone are the days of curling irons and blow dryers :)

Have fun furniture shopping!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are very observant for a man. Yes a trip to the beautician does make ua feel better. Sherry's hair always looks good. Oops! on that got a laugh on that one. I figure you owe her a trip to get her hair done for that one.

Lisa said...

Na, leave the picture. I think Sherry is a good sport and will get a laugh as well. Like I said before, you guys make me smile.
I always had long hair and in the 80's it was big hair. Now its shorter and ive even worn it almost shaven. Im always changing up. Its at a lenghth now that I can wear it up or down and its still short. I think im at a happy place there. When I see sherrys hair in your photos, it makes me want mine short again. Shes beautiful and tell her I want to know her she keeps that Olivia Newton John body. Hahaha.

Hope she stays easy on ya

Dar said...

Your sweet Sherry is a natural beauty. It doesn't matter how long her hair is or how it's styled, she's simply gorgeous. And look what great shape she's kept herself in, for real !!! I doubt she will be mad. She knows you love every inch of her.
Thanks for the reminder, however, of what our winters are like. lol
Love from up north where it's in the 50's 60's all week. LOVIN' IT

Mevely317 said...

LOL-ing on the body-double!
I never had a lot of hair to begin with, but I sure identify with the 60's high-do. I agree with Dar, Sherry's a natural beauty.

Hope you're having a good time on the (furniture) hunting trip!

Woody said...

I like your idea of running the pipe under the driveway before the black top, I did this with 16 feet of 1 1/4 PVC but wish I had done it with 2 as It would have saved me from running an overhead wire to a yard light. Snow is mostly gone now, temps are up in the 50 but night time freeze.
Need a good freeze of about a week to clear the trees of the leaves to make deeer hunting better. "Swamps are full of water" and I saw a nice 8 point buck with a really swollen neck so I know the Bucks are in "Rut" ! Well, hope you get your driveway soon!!! You 2 take care, Getting ready for My Honey's 60th Birthday on November 1st.
Gary & Anna Mae

Paula said...

Sherry's hair always looks neat. I remember the hiking pictures with her looking like she just stepped out of the salon.

shirl72 said...

Sherry's hair always looks good. You may be in real trouble when she checks the blogs. When home she is lucky having her personal beautician. Hope you are
getting your rest and don't work to hard. I know you both will be ready to get things complete and enjoy your new home. I am staying busy doing nothing but shopping.

salemslot9 said...

7th photo
star necklace
looks like one
I had from Avon

Unknown said...

I love the memory walk through Sherry's hairstyles, the last one not withstanding. She has a good enough sense of humor, I'll bet- being married to you -for it.