Monday, October 17, 2016

A trip to the beach

Son Mark stopped by today to help  on the house. He lives on the West coast but had been in Melbourne to help re-install a fence after the Hurricane. He helped me finish burying the sewer line I had installed for the future use of the motor home. We hung two closet doors and did a little painting.

Sherry fixed one of his favorite meals: Pinto beans, cornbread, lettuce slaw and salmon patties.  We did take a couple breaks and talked. He and his mother decided we were gong to the beach to see how it had fared. So after work and showers we headed for New Smyrna Beach. Sherry and Mark in the front,  Janie and me in the back seat.

It wasn't a long ride, I love petting Janie. Like Rick and Jilda's latest dog, Janie is deaf, she will love you to pieces, She even gives me a little sugar.
When the car slows down she askes, "Are we at the beach yet?"
Yes! And here on the boardwalk, over looking the beach Janie  could not take her eyes off the beach for a picture, so Mark and Sherry turned too:
Very little damage was still apparent. The beach areas depend on tourists, they get back to normal as soon as possible, trying not to disappoint the ones who have reservations.

But my girl and the sky were beautiful:

Mark and Janie went for a run down the beach then came back for a walk. Sherry 'SAYS' her knee is much better. WE are hoping. (She walked about 3/4 mile).

You can see the debris on the beach but it is mostly cleaned up.

We stopped by a Dairy Queen. I had a small tropical blizzard, Mark a banana milk shake and Sherry had a 'mini' pecan cluster blizzard. Janie had a lick or two of Sherry's blizzard. then we headed home. 

Another good day!

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Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures of the beach! Wish I was there. Im heading to the east coast at the end of the week. Cant hardly wait.

I want Sherrys beauty secret.

Mevely317 said...

What a great shot of Sherry and the ocean behind!
... Sorry Jack, but you n' Janie were a close second. (*smile*)

Dang, but y'all are soooo lucky to have a son nearby!

betty said...

I bet you enjoyed being in the back seat with your special gal :) Sounded like a delightful day and one that it was good to get out and play and just not work away :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the beach and thank you for sharing your trip. It really doesn't look bad at all there. Nice to take a break from work and nice to have your son join you too. I think Sherry always takes a good picture.

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I made a typing mistake so had to delete. I know you enjoyed seeing Mark and Janie. Jamie is a sweet dog and loves people. Meal sounds good and I'm sure you needed a break. Glad not much damage was done to the beach...Good to hear everything is going well with the house. I will try again to post...

Dar said...

It's nice to see you guys take a break, but after a little work first. Always nice to have the kids drop in, and Janie is so sweet too. The beach looks inviting, always sharing amazing clouds. Love Sherry's photo. She's a sweetheart., but no one knows that more than yourself.
All's going well here after my scare. We all sure are blessed.
Love from up north where the sun shines warm today.

Glenda said...

Those beach scenes are wonderful, love that pink cloud reflection and also Sherry's pretty face ~ good to hear that knee is feeling better!!!

Unknown said...

That is a lovely picture of Sherry.

As long as it has pecan in it, mini is ok, but maxi wouldn't be bad, either!
Yet, I can see Sherry being into moderation.

I need my salmon omega 3s; thanks for the reminder.

Back Porch Writer said...

Love the pics. That lighting at the beach made for a pretty pic. Love that!

salemslot9 said...

the last time
my Mom and I
were by the ocean
was in Atlantic City
I miss her