Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Damage is light!

Since we left our new home in Deltona at the mercy of Matthew I thought of something I had forgotten, the doggie door! The doggie door is on the back door FACING THE COUNTER-CLOCKWISE MOTION OF THE HURRICANE WINDS. I told Sherry I hope water damage in that area is all we get. WELL, we got NO water. But what we did get was this on the back porch.
That is the doggie door in the back door you see.  But the porch had some limbs piled. 
The strangest thing was these fence posts I had left beside the house at the fence.(they were neatly stacked before I disturbed them) I had no idea a post had enough 'sail area' to be picked up by the wind.
I moved the limbs and Sherry titivated the area. And after a little work ....

We had a section of the neighbors fence  in our yard. 
I love the simple fixes:

 And one small 8 inch tree twisted clockwise by the winds.
Taken from the front looking back to the back porch.

From the back notice the post missing from the porch. I had just installed that post, and it was not fastened so naturally is was gone.

After a little work with hand loppers:

Since we have no power I left anything over an inch to cut with the power saws when power is restored.

The folks from North Carolina will recognize the power company.  DUKE Energy called Sherry (and all their customers, assuring us they would have the power on by midnight Sunday night (or soon after).  We were surprised a couple years ago to learn Duke (A NC Company) had bought Florida Power and Light.

We were very fortunate, blessed, there was no major damage.  We do not have cable, so we only now what we see on the net about Georgia, SC and NC, with respect to Matthew.  We just pray that the damage is minimal, as we have. 

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  We accept prayer, positive thoughts (which I think work also), and well wishes.  What ever, we are glad to still have the little home and we are ready to get back at it!

Nite Shipslog

Sherry shot this sky at 60mph. I loved the color

This body style held with Merc for about three years. It was probably one of the most 'customized in the 1950s.


shirl72 said...

Glad you found everything OK except for the some limbs around. I hope Matthew is gone. We had wind and rain. Charlotte had trees to fall on some homes but no one was hurt. I hope we don't have another hurricane come through it is so scary...I am thankful we are OK.

Mevely317 said...

... so, the doggy door. Does this mean y'all might adopt a lucky little pooch?

Glad to 'see' there was no significant damage to your sweet home. Tom's sis and BIL had to evacuate their place on Amelia/Fernandina, but we heard from her this afternoon ... lots of debris and no power, but the house is standing.
God is good!

Lisa said...

Glad to see everything is good. I just seen where our campground is under water at Myrtle Beach. We were gonna go down on Thursday but not sure now. :(

Sulking in NC

betty said...

Nice to see the new homestead held up really well with very minimal damage! What a relief!! Now let's hope this is the last of the hurricanes for this season!


Jackie said...

That was a tough storm, Jack.
I am glad that you and Sherry fared well through it.
Continue to enjoy your new home.
Sending you both warmest smiles and hugs,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a relief to hear that you had little damage there. Hope the electric comes back on soon for you. I can imagine you are anxious to get on with your plans. Thankfully this was just a small bump in the road.

Back Porch Writer said...

Thanks for posting. I'm so glad everything is ok. Well minimal fixes. You never know what those hurricanes will do and it was awfully close. Prayer does work and a lot of people were praying. This storm effected many with it hugging nearly every coast in site on the east side. You all take care.

Dar said...

We had been praying for you and your families. God sure stirs things up on occasion. to remind us, I suppose, to remember where to pray. Thanking Him that you all are safe and dry. A few limbs are managable and makes one grateful.
All's well here, (hear) too. love from up north

Rick Watson said...

That's good news Jack. But I thought you would be OK where your new place is situated.

Unknown said...

Love Sherry's sky. So glad you personally fared well, & that the new place had little damage.