Friday, October 28, 2016

This and that

Darla and the folks in the North woods of Wisconsin were threatened with the 'S' word and dodged the white bullet. BUT OLD WOODY in NY, and his sweetie got their first taste. SNOW.

We are in a camping club with Thousand Trails. According to our membership, we should stay in Florida all winter at no cost. BUT like a lot of 'time-share-plans' today they tend to over sell. As usual I went to the web site and asked for a couple weeks to stay near some friends. The answer came back 'nothing available'! WHAT? in November, never happen. It never gets tight in Florida until after Christmas.  The soonest we could get in a site is 19 January. WHAT?

Some folk just simply lead, they do not even have to say, 'follow me'.

Oh well, we are two fortunate people. I say blessed because we saw this coming (but not this soon) Thousand Trails are selling more options than the Three Stoogies could come up with. See, this was our plan when buying this house. There is room for the RV and I already have the full hookups set for it. So when nothing is available with our RV friends, we can come HOME!

Our sons and all our grand kids have keys to the house and know they can come to Florida anytime they want to, except Ben & Corey out in Utah. But they can also have a key if they want to come out for a few days.  We know how to pile up and share, even sleep on pallets, if there is a crowd.

I was disappointed today, I spent most of the day shopping for material and getting a tag for the trailer. Tomorrow we will look for some furniture. 

We do have a driveway man coming, REALLY! You know the oddest thing, TIMING? Many times when we push our buggy out from the grocer, the guy/gal parked beside us is loading the car with groceries. Well, Sherry called the Paver  to find out when he could do the driveway. He said tomorrow. Sherry said, we cannot be here, I have a Dr's appointment. So he said he would call back when he had another opening.  I don't mind, in the mean time I am digging across the parking area to bury pipe that I might need if I later need to run something under the drive without cutting thru it.

I will close with a thank you to all who take time to read this drivel, and also those who take the time to comment. THANKS

Nite Shipslog 

only a few folk reading this can remember gas this cheap!
I saw it that cheap a couple times  when this 1956 Buick was new.


betty said...

My favorite picture of the corgi :)

It seems like anyone will sell more memberships than things available just to make an extra buck. When we lived in the homeowner's association in Prescott, it was connected with a golf club. They wold more memberships to it then the golf course could accommodate and more building was happening in the development. Some people just get too greedy I think!


Lisa said...

My parents own a time share. They seem to enjoy it. I just cant see buying one when you are limited on time you can go and still have to pay for a place to stay (just at a discounted price).
I dont remember gas being that cheap but I do remember 5.00 of gas would get me a long way.

Happy Friday!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you have a plan and things are coming along really well for the two of you. Getting furniture makes it sound as if you are ready to move in and enjoy your new home. I know you love your camping friends so won't stop traveling. Here it's getting colder day by day and camping season is over. Mid October folks have to clear the water lines and put in antifreeze to things don't freeze up. I camped for years and do miss it. I wish you lots of success in the furniture hunt.

Jean said...

I hope Sherry's appointment turns out well this time. I was wondering if you were still staying in your motor home are your new home. I think Grover will have a early breakfast this morning since I couldn't sleep­čśĆ. Take care.Jean

Glenda said...

Thinking that your new Florida home is perfectly placed for kids and grands, go East to the Beach and West to Disney playgrounds, easy drive either way! Sounds like you're making progress, have a great weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Smart idea to put a pipe under the driveway. I'm always impressed by people who think ahead.

Dar said...

And today it's 60 out. I can't believe the weather. It's like it's all mixed up but glad we dodged the white stuff this time.
As for visiting friends, our place always has room/rooms available. Would be a real kick if you happened to drive in again. We love you guys.
I canned more applesauce today, chunky this time. Sooo good. An apple bread for dessert tonight......ya unt' sum?????
Love from up north where it's warm again. WooWhoo!!!

Mevely317 said...

While the side I work for is rental, the company I work for makes no secret of the fact (that) it's timeshare driving the bus. I really feel for those owners who've been vacationing here for years, then they realize there's literally no room at the inn and call my boss to see if there's anything she can do.
Your decision to buy that little house was sure a wise move!

We set an all-time record here yesterday -- 100 (nasty) degrees. Thank God for air conditioning!

Rick Watson said...

Everyone wants to winter in Florida. I think it was smart buying your own place there.

Unknown said...

You've worked it so you can have both, plus room for all the loved