Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WE bugged out!

Remember 'Just Bill' of AOL Journals? He once said of my Journal, 'Not that they are great Jack, but at least your journal entries are printed LARGE.  Bill passed away before our planned get together in Colorado.

Now in large print, my girl is a 'skeer-d-cat', I thought everyone wanted to stay and watch the results of a hurricane, but not my girl!  LOL

So, Mark and I painted the house Wednesday (today as I write), so the paint would be ready for Matthew when he arrives.  This is Mark running for his truck getting ready to head for the West coast.

 He wanted to take his mama over to Daytona to see the 10' waves but she declined. LOL Telling him his mom and dad were 'bugging out' to central Florida.

Hark is outside getting ready to leave.  This is how excited Janie (Marl's fat Bulldog is).  

We were not under a mandatory evac, but on the map we were in the red.  So Sherry called Joe in Wildwood for reservations, so we are now here and set up. The funny thing was, when we left Deltona, it was sunny and NO wind.  Arriving here it was cloudy ad windy. LOL

I saw it in Sherry face when she felt the wind, a flash back at the last hurricane we tried to out run. A few years ago with a hurricane coming in on the West coast, the track showed Zephyrhills to be safe, so we headed there.  Found a campground, paid for the night and parked. turned on the TV and lo-and-behold the storm had changed tracks and was going to hit Zephyrhills. So we headed North, we drove north a couple hundred miles into Georgia.

We stopped for the night. During the late evening we were jarred with a giant Pine tree that fell parallel and  within 4 feet of our motor home and 50 mph winds, we again moved, but this time, to a strip mall and parked our home as close to the buildings as possible. This was out our side window into the parking lot:

 Other than shaking our home, we were fine. 

From Hurricane Ivan in Sept. 2004 we had little damage, the neighbors lost their roof. My flag looked like this:
I was amazed at the knots in the shredded mutilated USA Flag. And the other minor damage (comapred to our neighbor) was out pier raised about 6" on the port side.
 The worst damage was to our sea wall, we lost an 8 foot section.  The mutilated flag ad been flying from our water based flag pole.

We lived in Tavares on Lake Dora. We had three hurricanes that year, they all crossed the state.

Anyway, this year we are leaving Matthew. I was not worried about the little house. It is block, and it is solid. I might be wrong, but I do not expect any damage and they are calling for 70 mph winds there.

No one can predict exactly what the storm will do, but They do a pretty good job over all. It is much better to be safe than sorry. We will rider-r-out here, 60 miles away..

Nite Shipslog

 After son Mark and I painted an entire house I (Including most trim), Loading 400 lbs of limbs and stumps on a city recycle truck and cleaning up the yard of possible flying hazards, doing the material cleanup and getting the RV ready to bugout, I AM BEAT AGAIN.  I feel sorry for the falcon in a tree and for the confused car below


Unknown said...

Glad y'all bugged out. Be safe. Loveya.

Mevely317 said...

Big "whew", realizing y'all decided to save your fight for another day!

Florida family and friends are in our prayers! (Come to think of it, friends ARE family...)

betty said...

I think you were wise to "abandon ship" and get to "safer land." Better than safe than sorry. Saw on the news that the authorities down in Florida were trying to get people to really pay attention to the severity of the storm and to prepare and to even evacuate. You were wise to take the cautious route.


Jean said...

Glad you decided to leave it could get dangerous down your way. grandson son and his family are heading up here left last night are will be leaving early this morning they live somewhere in the same area as you guys. When Opal came through we had trees down, roof damage, and was without electricity for three days some here in Opp it was a week or longer and we live over a hundred miles from where it hit. Better safe than sorry. Love you guys. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you all headed to some safer ground there. The news is full of hurricane news and they say there are many that have evacuated. Keeping all in my prayers here.

Lisa said...

I was wondering if Sherry had her surf board ready. You are right. "better safe than sorry". I love storms and would love to stay in the eye and ride it out but thats just me. Me and Nick stood on the balcony of a hotel during hurricane Irene as the beaches were evacuated. It was actually a beautiful sight.

Stay safe

shirl72 said...

Glad you moved to a safe place. I have had many calls asking about you and Sherry and hoping you will be safe. I am following the storm on TV. We may
have winds and rain... Glad to see Mark and Janie. Pray you will be safe

Rick Watson said...

I'm with the little lady on this one. Better safe than sorry.
Take care Jack.

Paula said...

When in doubt always listen to Sherry. Glad you left just to be on the safe side.