Monday, October 24, 2016

'Upon the Roof'

That was either the name of a song or one of the lyrics.  But that was today's aim, a roof.

Mark helped me put the plywood (OSB) on the roof. I knew he needed to be in Port Richey to ready his house for the home inspector, so I told him to shove off, I could handle the rest.:First step of the roof:
Sherry came out and took this picture as I rolled out the first line of the Felt.
I asked her to bring me the camera. My girl it s trooper, she climbed the ladder and gave me the camera. I caught this picture  as she when down:
The roof is felted. We used to call it 'tar-paper' but it got a bad wrap so it is felt (Underlayment for shingles).
I run an outline of shingles as a guideline first, of the right end and bottom run. I also caught Sherry returning to the motor home after washing clothes with out 'new to us' washer and dryer. (that I hooked up this morning!) This shingle is called 'Golden Cedar'.

 A 'Square' of Roofing shingles (3-tab type) weighs 210 lbs and  comes in three 70 lb bundles (or they used to). Lemme tell you something I just learned today.  I grabbed a bundle and it did not move. the bundle that used to be 70 pounds is now 700lbs (my estimate).  I looked around to make sure no one was watching and divided a bundle by two, then climbed the ladder. I smiled as I climbed the ladder thinking of how we could joke and talk as we carried the bundles up. Years ago if there were ladies around, son Mark would carry two bundles up the ladder to impress the girls..

Today I carried 7 bundles up that ladder in 14 trips. LOL. But it is finished.

All it needs is a trim, but this old man is beat. Timewise this took over 4 hours labor. A young roofer (even me 20 yrs ago)  would have laid the shingles in an hour. Age does take its toll.
Some fun and benefits. I am up about 12 feet and right beside this squirrel nest.
The dude of lady came out and looked at me as if to say, "What are you doing up here, this is my territory, MOVE it!"

I know you did not need a roofing lesson, but right now, that is all I have. I'm bushed.

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Mevely317 said...

Lesson learned: I will NEVER attempt to lay shingles atop anything ... ever!
You do have me chuckling at your descriptions of carrying a bundle - or TWO to impress the women-folk.

Rest well, m'friend!

Lisa said...

You and Sherry are having a ball doing this, I can just tell.
Im Impressed by your roofing skills. Yall are like two little birds building your nest. Your post make me smile.

From Chilly Gtown

Jean said...

The pass month I have been trying to get over what started as pain in my foot, daughter in law says it's a heel spur, then a week later I was giving the husband pedicure and as I started to get up my knee felt like it was broke suffering with that another two weeks or more it moved up into my shoulders and now my arm. If I've had arthritis it has never bothered me before. One doctor said Bursitis and the er doctor said I had sprained it. I think I had just turned another year older and my body just realized it, and so I know you’re young, but be careful you might sprang your arm are get bursitis. (Smile) Your building is looking great. Take care. Jean

betty said...

Tell Sherry to be careful on the ladder!! How fun to see the squirrel nest!!I could never do roofing; fear of heights would do me in indeed!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Jack I think you would put some young folks to shame. You may be getting older but act like a man many years younger. I admire your strength and know how. What a lot of hard work you put in. You have every right to be tired.The only ladder I use these days is my kitchen step ladder and on the 3rd step I tend to get dizzy. You and Sherry amaze me and make me want to do better.

Glenda said...

So, I agree with everything MA said, y'all are amazing! Shingles are a pretty color too!!!

Woody said...

Looking Good on the Shed, Please have that Beautiful Wife of yours take some pictures of finishing up the top sides and back, I have never been able to do that on my sheds and always ended up with my edge being 2 2 X 4's nailed togeather and the back being stuffed with insulation !!
Take Care. Gonna be down in low 20's in morning !!
Gary & Anna Mae

Unknown said...

I will go with a repeat of "Ma's" comment, first five sentences. They read basically what I was thinking while reading this entry.

I'm glad you will be closer to Mark & seeing him more often.

Dar said...

Won't Mark be impressed when he sees you goterdone!!! Great job, Jack!!! I went with Bill today as he cut down a tree that broke off half way up, hung up in one next to it and all next to the road to the cabin, so, yep, it had to come down before falling on a traveler on the road. What a chore, but Bill sure knew exactly how to get it down. He dragged it back to the cabin landing where we will cut, split and pile it. I counted the rings, it was over 100 yrs. old but still a sound maple except for the very inch in the center.
Bless your hearts with love from the north where it's supposed to rain tomorrow with a chance of snowflakes....eeeeeeek, not ready for that.

shirl72 said...

I cannot believe all you are doing but I know you enjoy this type of work.
I thought you were settled down and getting ready to take it easy. I didn't
realise that much work needed to be done on this house you bought. I am tired
watching you work. Please take it easy and don't work to much. Please rest

Rick Watson said...

I helped my brother-in-law shingle his roof and by the time the day was done, my legs felt like rubber. That's hard work. I tell you something else that is deceiving and that's mixing mortar for a good brick mason. I had one work me into a frazzle. He kept screaming MUD. I NEED MUD!!!
My resume runs deep:)