Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lizards are misunderstood

I like lizards.  Back in NC I have a friend, a blue tail lizard that has lost most of its tail, I call him stump.  I have had several conversations with Stump. Mostly to warn him about the cat that used to come around, lastly the Rhode Island Red hen, before her demise.  Funny thing stump out lasted both. I think it was my warnings.

Lizards! In Cuba we had loads of lizards. It took some doing, my girl never liked them, but learned to live with them. There we had the large lizards called Iguanas. They weren't around the housing area but did wander thru the outside eating areas of restaurants. Some of those dudes were three feet long. Most everyone enjoyed feeding them and they never bothered anyone.

We bought a utility trailer yesterday. This one came with three foot sides. As I was looking to cut the sides down out popped a lizard. He looked at me like, 'Where am I?'  He was just inches from my face.  I explained there was no way I would take him back home but there were lots of his cousins here.  He might even go a courting like Froggie i.e. 'Froggie went a courting and he did ride sword and pistol by his side, etc'

The dude listened and would cock his head a little as I talked. He never said anything, but he would not let me pet him, my finger got within 2 inches and he jumped 2 inches.

We have brown, spotted, black and light colored ones here at the house. A bigger variety than we have ever had.  I really do enjoy watching them, they are very interesting. They will stop and talk.  Well of course it is a one way conversation, but I know they understand.  I hope the new addition that came the trailer has a good life.  Lizards are absolutely more fun than mice, and are not destructive.

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Lizard looking vehicles.


Mevely317 said...

I'm so tickled you've a new friend, Jack!
We've plenty of the lil lizards that call our yard 'home.' Drives the girls (pups) crazy, trying desperately to catch them. *No, I've no idea what they'd actually DO with one if they caught it ... but I'm rooting for the lizards.*

This post reminds me of a brief, beautiful time I got to spend with my dad when he wasn't working so many hours. Clad in my boxer jeans and PJ Flyers, we'd hunt for horny toads and lizards to bring home in a shoe box. Bless mother's heart, she hated having those things brought home -- especially when the liz/chameleon would get loose and 'hide' in plain sight on her forest-green drapes. She was a trooper, for sure.

Neat, your prompt that sent me on a stroll down memory lane!

betty said...

But they still scare me, even if they are for the most part harmless.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We really don't have lizards here where I am, but I remember seeing some while visiting family down south. They always managed to take me by surprise as I'm not used to seeing them. Glad you got your trailer and a new friend in the mix too. Sounds like things are moving right along for the two of you. Hopefully your'll soon be settled in the new place.

Lisa said...

I love lizzards. We had one that hung around the house for a couple years. He was bright green. We named him Loui. I havnt seen him this year. When I was in Florida last month, I went out to relax by the pool. When I sat down, four or five of them came running up to me, they cocked their heads trying to figure out who I was. Haha. Though they were cute, I was uncomfortable with the scene and went inside.

Off to work

Dar said...

I turned over a pumpkin leaf this summer and there was a blue lizard about half a foot long underneath. My uncle had them in the compost pile too, those were skinks, striped fellas about the same size. My cousin and I would keep them for pets until her mom found out...she wasn't too keen on them.
Glad you had company while working on your new trailer.
It's a good day cept for more rain. At least it's warm...unusual for this far north this late in the year but, we'll take it.

shirl72 said...

We have a multi-color one that lives at the Historic House and he runs across the steps when I start to open. I had a green one that ran across the deck the other day. That is first one I have seen around here..They sure are fast.
Those big one would scare me.

Unknown said...

A mouse in the house scares me, but when I found baby ones in my shed before donating my house I thought they were cute for about 2 minutes & then I got creeped again. Lizards I had not contemplated. Hmmm. Depends, I think, on the size.