Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ah ha! A great idea

This house had has a couple draw back, in my opinion.  One is plaster walls.  If you are not familiar with the 50-70's plaster walls there are studs upright and parallel ten a wire mesh is stretched across and plaster is applied. So it is hard to install a recessed toilet paper holder.  If it were the construction I am familiar with, studs and drywall, I could install the holder in less than 15 minutes.  Here I am looking at an hour (when I get to it.)

Other than the walls, the tub was in terrible shape.  I thought it was worn out, but son Mark said it has been refinished and now the refinish is gone south.  I looked closer and yep, it was a yellow tub with a white epoxy refinish job.

If this was not plaster walls, I would remove the tub and replace it.  It is usually a fairly uncomplicated job.  As most folk know the house is built around the bath tub or shower. In other words the tub is installed when only studs are standing, the same time the house is wired and plumbed. So although not complicated it is not simple.  

Your amenities like commodes, Hot water heaters, furnaces, AC, vanities and kitchen cabinets are added after the drywall is hung and finished, making the job simpler in replacing those items.

So considering the trouble of removing the tub I decided to so something new to me, I bought the $50 kit at Lowes. Today I refinished the tub.   It was a lot of physical labor sanding and scraping since it had been refinished once already.  But it is good for a few years.  It will be three days before I can show you the results.

I needed a better breather apparatus, but I used the simple one and added an old t-shirt to breathe thru.  The mist did get on the decks, but it was an easy clean.

Oh the last 'Idea', I thought Mary's suggestion of knocking off at 7 taking a shower and having sex was a great idea. Mama said, "Mary is a kid, just 51, she might change her tune when .........!"  ………………..So we are back to the yearly schedule. LOL 

(okay, go ahead we see you)
Funny how sex is viewed by the younger generation. They view it as I did when I was a kid. When you get 40 you are over the hill (LOL). Some folk lose interest at 60, some at 70 and some have never ‘ENJOYED’ sex and are glad then they age out. On a personal note, yes it still happens, it is still enjoyed, just not as often.  LOL

On that note I will sign out with the anniversary kissing selfie).

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Lisa said...

Cant wait to see how the tub turns out. I was thinking "bath Fitters" but Im sure your idea will be a better fix. Glad the love life is still going strong. Yall crack me up. Your only as old as you feel. And love never tires.

Keep the tools are working.

betty said...

What a cute picture of your anniversary selfie. Learned some about house construction here, interesting. Can't wait to see the finished project on the tub. Does sound like lots of work.


shirl72 said...

Took me awhile to find your blog. Computer doing it on thing today. Technology has left me behind. Hope I can catch up soon. I can't even type this morning. Glad things are coming along good don't work to hard--get rest.

I have some stray cats if you like for me to box them up and send to join the ones that are looking through the window.

Dar said...

You sure know your construction stuff. We just took the old TP holder off but I bought the wrong kind, now I have two screw holes to mend...oh well.
As for the tub, man, I would replace it, not cuz I'm lazy but because I'd like a tile wall. I know, shame on me, more work I'd turn over to Bill. lol
You are one busy guy.
Have a great one. love from up north where I'm praying for sunshine

Unknown said...

Well, the Love clearly isn't on a yearly schedule, but you two have been working pretty hard, so.....

Mevely317 said...

How ironic! Just last night, Tom was explaining how plaster is applied. As a youth, he watched a tradesman effortlessly applying plaster ... then was made to feel pretty foolish when, invited to try it himself, he wound up with a big ker-plop puddle right off the trowel and onto the floor.

Can't wait to see your finished product. Where there's a will ....

Rick Watson said...

Get a room Jack! :)