Friday, October 14, 2016

I guess I am lost

Have you  ever gotten so distracted you did not know the time?
That is me tonight. I have been looking for a small utility trailer on the internet and did not know  it was about One AM.

We are getting near completion of the remodeling and will need something to haul the furniture we buy. I have a small trailer in NC, but I use it there too for stuff that will not fit in the FIT! (LOL).

Also We will need closet doors and they are too wide for the Fit. I have e-mailed a couple, one had no title. In NC that would be a major problem. to prove ownership there you need 3 witnesses, a goat and your first-born. Once we bought a house trailer in Mississippi and ended up in NC and had the title.  The DMV refused to recognize a title from Mississippi.  We never did get one. It saved us a lot of taxes while in NC for 30 yearsl
At times life is like this road, but not lately!
Oh well I hope you had a great day, we did.  It is sorta fun doing this (getting the house ready). Sherry fixed us soup and a BLT today. We sat in the yard in the shade, talked and had a nice picnic.  MY girl knows ow to make my day.

I gotta go get in bed with her, she is back there sleep reading.  I am not sure I am ready to give this Motor home up yet.  hahaha.

We got an e-mail from Son Jack. He plans to come down for Thanksgiving.  What a pleasant surprise. It is amazing how much fun our sons are now that we are old.  LOL 

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betty said...

It is neat when our kids are so much more "enjoyable" to be around the older they get :) I think its finally because we can relax being a "parent" (though we always worry about them and pray for them) and develop a friendship with respect type of relationship. It makes up for those hard teen and early adulthood years when you wondered if they and you would survive it!

Neat that you are almost done with the remodeling! A great accomplishment!

Titles for vehicles can be a bit frustrating. Not sure why son's car is registered in Arizona but California still held the title and now that we paid it off, we've been too lazy to transfer it to Arizona for title. Might be easier if there was a universal state/country title I think.


Back Porch Writer said...

Hope you find the trailer and furniture shopping can be fun! I hope you take pics when done. You all be careful and have a good day and that BLT sounds good!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You could always rent a truck when you need one. I don't think they are terribly expensive. But you'd probably rather have your own so it's readily available. The Frost hit the pumpkin here in northern Ohio over night. But on the bright side it's to warm up close to 70 degrees today. Hope you have another wonderful day there. Life is good.

Lisa said...

Oh Jack . Ya just need an old pickup truck! Giving up the rv? No I do not see that happening. As soon as the work on the new home is done and your settled in, you and Sherry will be ready for another road trip. Happy to hear everything is still going well. And yes the kids are more fun older, because they have the wisdom and wits you taught them and you can finally see it coming out in them.

Get rest!

shirl72 said...

Glad everything is going good and almost finished. Did I here right that
you may give your motor home up that news. Everything looking good. Rent
a truck to haul your furniture that you buy. Just buy large pillows and
let everybody sit on the floor. hee hee

Mevely317 said...

A compromise? Y'all go ahead and find a little utility trailer; then, when it's served its purpose y'all can turn it into a truck garden!

That's pretty neat about Jack driving down for Thanksgiving! I know what you mean about adult children ... every time I see son Troy I'm amazed how funny and smart he is.

Unknown said...

Will they deliver any of the furniture, or would that be a lot more costly?
Thanksgiving with the kid who is now a grandfather. Damn, you are old, Jack
;o. And more active than I am at 51. I don't eat bacon, but sounds like you 2 really work it off. At least when you are lost, you are lost with Sherry close by. Not a bad lost.

Paula said...

John would take a chance and use a trailer without a license and he is so lucky he wouldn't get caught. The BLT's sound so good.

Rick Watson said...

And a goat? That ain't right Jack:) Kids are a hoot even though yours are grown. It will be fun having him down for turkey day.

Dar said...

We have several utility trailers too, one here, one at the cabin, Eric is using one, one of the boys has the smallest one....they sure are handy for whatever ya need at the moment. Bill built a few and even built his deer hunting shack on top of one that he pulls wherever he wants to hunt. Good luck with your hunt. AND I agree, our kids are so much fun too now that they're grown. Have fun ~!
love from up north where it's raining today with warm breezes.