Saturday, October 22, 2016

The construction project, storage

We all know no matter where you are, you have or accumulate 'STUFF'. Plus I need a place to play, so We needed a storage building. We had the floor done last night after Pizza and Mark playing with the limb the he felt was in his way, so after breakfast  this morning, we bought new saw blades and he removed the limb and we raised the first wall.  Lemme tell you those walls got heavier since I made it to 77. 

We raised the first wall, it is 10' 3" high by 16 feet long and has the siding nailed already (about 350 lbs)  .Of course 30 years ago when Mark and I were working together, we would have grabbed it and had it up in less than a minute, but this morning it took 3 or 4 minutes. That sucker is heavy. This is the second wall we are putting together:

 The front wall is now ready to raise. It only weighs about 275 lbs. It is only 8' high by 15 feet.
 WE took a break before raising it. The first wall about done us in, Mark is in his 50's now, and he is Sherry's baby boy.
 Test, dad 77 depending on the son as we raise the wall.
 Wall up and being plumbed and braced, Sherry brought out some Tuna salad sandwiches. We took a break.
 I want to inject here. In the 1950' when I was doing a little carpentry with my mentor Luke Tucker these walls would have been built standing and would have taken three times more hours work. There was a far sighted man called Jim Walter, I guess since he produced Jim Walter's homes.  He was laughed at by the 'old line carpenters'.  His homes were the subject of  many jokes.  You could buy Jim's homes at any stage of construction. Many folk bought the homes unfinished, and had not figured the work and cost to finish. I have been in Jim Walters homes in  the 1960s that at blankets hanging where sheet rock should have been and no interior doors. BUT, but that was not Jim's fault.

Jim Walter's revolutionized residential construction. He taught us to build the walls on the floor with much  less effort and much faster, then raise them in place. All of us carpenters asked, "Why didn't I think of that?" I won't go into it, but floors and roof construction was revolutionized by Jim Walter. In reality Jim Walter sold a pretty good cheap home.

Below Sherry and Mark talking after we ate. Janie ignored them.
 WE raised the third wall and sided it. Then raised this end, where the door will be.  Mark showing off here, had to leave fot a party down in Melbourne. 
Mark left and I started cutting the rafters. I cut and installed all the rafters and got one sheet of siding on this end as dark caught up.

It is good to have the shed nearly finished. adding a roof and door and we are in business. I debated on a gable roof or shed  roof and decided a shed roof would allow for more shelving. So that is my world.  All is well, I hope yours is the same.

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betty said...

Lots of work accomplished in a day for two "old men". Looking good!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are blessed to be able to do work like that and to have a son to help too. I'm sure it is all worth the work to you so you'll have your storage space. Nice pictures of you all enjoying lunch.

Mevely317 said...

The two of you sure don't do anything half-way, do you?
I don't know much about building, but yours looks like it might sustain even the biggest blow Mother Nature could levy!

Neat picture of your alfresco lunch! It looks like Mark's recovered really well from his tumble out-a the tree a while back.

Mevely317 said...

I forgot something!
When I first moved to Tampa back in '88, I went to work for Jim Walter Corporation and made some really fine friends. Sad, when those 'twin towers' (office buildings) were torn down.

Glenda said...

Wow, you guys made "hay while the sun shined" as they say up in MO. Great looking storage shed, impressed with you two "old guys"! It'll be nice to have a space to organize all the "stuff" you need to have on hand. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!

shirl72 said...

You are right about what we collect. You know what my basement looks like
You and Mark were also involved with what Jim had collected plus Antique cars.
I have a picture with what Mark had loaded on a trailer moving things from
one house to next door. I think we have experience every situation, moving,
building and making changes. Glad you are doing good.

Dar said...

Wow, boys, well done. Who says you can't keep up with the youngster. and look at those abs. Great job in a day. You build your walls like Bill does, one at a time and a heave-ho, brace it and it's up.
Lookin' good from up north where the winds are blowing in those dark snow-looking clouds....hoping they keep their distance another month tho.

Unknown said...

May your world stay as interesting, good, & healthy as it is right now.