Friday, March 1, 2019

Change and human advancements

1940 Ford Wrecker

Our parents were born at the turn of the last century 1902, 1903, 1904 and 1905. Sherry’s dad being the oldest and my mama being the youngest.  For so many years Sherry and I would talk amazingly about what they had witnessed over their lives. Two World Wars, the great Depression, transition from horse and wagon to cars and trucks. From hearing of airplanes to hearing the boom when they surpassed the speed than sound. They all lived to see man orbit the earth and also land on the moon. They owned a TV before they died.

While considering this over the years we did not stop to consider what we were seeing take place. So now looking back from 80 years we saw a World WAR, rationing, and a Mars landing. Car engines that go 200,000 miles without being rebuilt. The first computer I worked on as a repairman took up 2400 sqft. Today my simple cheap watch will do more calculations than that giant computer.

We were alive at Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Both tragedies of our beloved USA. 

We remember doing research by going to a library and dig thru reference books. Now we just ‘ask Google.’ It is faster and more accurate than a paper search. I remember learning the slide rule. Now calculations on your phone or $2 calculator are more accurate than my slide rule. Yeah I still have one somewhere.

From a Bathysphere to a space station.

And now the internet and cell phones?  WOW!

What is the most amazing thing to you in your life time?

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bobbie said...

Man landing on the moon, absolutely! I was not quite 11; my best friend and I had just gotten home from a summer camp... Someone had a tiny B&W TV in the bed of their truck at our drop-off point, and we all stood around with our mouths hanging open!!
Next to that, the morning of 9/11 ~ we were on our honeymoon.

Rick Watson said...

Digital photography is pretty amazing though there are probably many more significant things I could mention.
We have seen a great deal.
Life moves fast.

betty said...

The internet hands down. Thought the microwave was cool and the VHS and later the DVD, but getting information within seconds on the internet beats it all. I remember in my career people had tons of research books for the various specialties. Now that has been replaced by Google. I don't have to crack open a dictionary, etc., because I can just Google something I'm looking for and get an answer within 10 seconds or less. Absolutely amazing. I won't be around for it but I wonder what the wee one will answer this question when he is 50 plus years old.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, I agree, the internet is probably the most profound change. But there have been many and they aren't over yet. Things continue to change at lightning speed. Computers did not exist when I was a kid. Now every thing we do involves one.

Lisa said...

This is crazy, Me and Nick were just talking about this yesterday. How far things have come in just 30 years. We were saying how, just to find out about a bird, we had to run up to the library to find a book. Encyclopedias and libraries were the only was to find info.
Sometimes I wish things were back to that.
Happy Saturday

Glenda said...

Agree with the above comments regarding technology, it's truly amazing. GPS, voice recognition and fingerprint identification ~ all simply amazing!

Mevely317 said...

Like Lisa, Tom and I've had just these sorts of conversations!
I don't know that it's 'first and foremost', but selfishly I'd have to say the Internet. When I allow myself "what-if" moments, it breaks my heart that my dad didn't live long enough to experience that. For sure, he'd have been hooked. Of course, I can't close without extending props to medical technologies/discoveries which make miracles possible.

NanaDiana said...

I think watching man land on the moon (with my dad) was amazing. He was born in 1897 and I was his first born child-born when he was 53 years old. He saw so much in his lifetime-my regret was that he did not live long enough to see his grandchildren. He would have loved them to the depths of his soul.

Great post! Hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful weekend. Hugs-Diana

Dar said...

The constant changes in the medical field have floored me. There was a time there was no hope for cancers, nerve disorders, mental and visual help was not there. Look how things have changed and something new by the day. It's miraculous. Of course the internet. Like everything, it has it's pros and cons. I recall seeing color tv for the first time. It was amazing. Technology has made for a wonderful world far beyond anything I'd ever imagined. Honestly tho, I wouldn't go a single day without breathing fresh air outside and listening to the birds. God's gifts have been profound.
love n' hugs from up north where the winds with the cold temps makes for more bone-chilling so it's a chili n' cornbread evening. Have a great weekend.