Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I kissed my helper today!

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Well, I am beat, I put in 12 hours today. We did the trim in the den area and most of the kitchen floored. All we need to finish in flooring is a hallway and the dining room and their trim.

On this job I had my favorite helper back. I have told how my girl got me into building. My sweetie dispises bills, and owing anyone. She asked one time could we sell the house we were buying and get enough to build us a house and be debt free. “Of course!” was my answer. Not knowing for a fact we could.

She was working part time and had time to help with the first house. She helped me raise walls, hang drywall, even got on the roof and helped me roof it and it was multi levels (pretty high!)

Anyway today I kissed my helper (again). It has been nice to work with her, we have even taken time to smooch and sing a little.

Oh yes, there are two or three more jobs to be done on this house, and today I hired someone to do them. Sherry smiled. I said, “We’re saving over a thousand dollars on the flooring, we can spend part of that to let someone else have some fun. But they cannot kiss my helper!!!”

Y’all be safe, Life is good.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hey, taking time for that kiss and spending some of the money to ease the load sounds like a wonderful idea. Your Sherry is your lifetime help mate for sure and has had some great ideas. Now you can sit back and enjoy all the hard work. Life is good!

betty said...

Always good to share a kiss :) Good idea too to let someone else help with some of the chores and take it easy for a day or two.


Dar said...

You're wise hiring someone to help with such a huge job. And yes, he does not get to kiss your helper. LOL Bill and I have also always worked well together complete with kisses, but when we need help, it usually comes in the form of bartering with my youngest brother or help from our boys. The guys work well together and alone, always good. Today, I'm finishing the paint stripping on the icebox while my dear man is starting the porch at the cabin. We meet for lunch and then work together the rest of today. Life is good, isn't it.
loven'hugs from up north where it's cooled down finally and we can breathe easier with better air quality. Enjoy those rewards.

Mevely317 said...

You two are a Dream Team! I never grow tired of hearing how you got started in home building. Actually, your story sounds like it could be the basis for a made-for-TV Hallmark movie!
Glad you opted to 'share' some jobs with others -- who in this day and age might really appreciate having the opportunity. Keep singing!

Woody said...

Glad your hiring someone to help finish up some of those jobs ! I am ready for Thursdays surgery and get these ears cleared up ! It is important to get a "Kiss" now and then from your Helper, BUT only if it is your Honey helping you ! Take it Easy, sending down Love and Blessings ! Gary an Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

That was sweet. ♥

Susan Kane said...

Sherry must know a lot about hammering, etc. Let us know when the house is done.

yaya said...

Awwww ..love your posts and I love how you two work together! 💞

Shilpa said...

Very sweet post