Saturday, July 18, 2020

Imma mama

 Gas Stations of History:
For Sunday’s stuff:
Since the loss of Stormy six kitties follow me everywhere. I am continuing to remove the ivy from trees on the property up in the woods. Today all of the crew was there playing within 6-8 feet of me. A couple came as close as 2 ft. to watch me.
I saw something I remember hearing was impossible. I looked over and the prettiest cat (because it is multicolored) had climbed about 8 feet up a small tree and then backed all the way back down. I have heard that cats could climb up a tree but not climb down.
I remember Jean of Opp (recently passed) once cut a tree down to save her cat  because it got up there and could not come down.
Anyway it is sorta neat that the kittens seem to look to us as their mama. We were out in the swing and they all came out there. I can grab one, calm it down and pet it, but if I try to reach normally they run. I have held one striped and all three black ones. I know I have held all three black ones because they were all on different steps of the deck, otherwise they look exactly alike and I would not know..
I just noticed three outside on the deck in a pile.

Rick was a dog person. His last blog entry was about ‘Ole Hook’, the deaf Bull. We were dog sitting last week. I took this picture of our grand-dog Janie to show him. Janie, like Ole Hook is a deaf bull dog.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you can get close to the kittens like you never could get to stormy and maybe get them to a vet and make sure there will be no more kittens than you already have there. They are so very cute and I know you want to make sure they are safe there.

Woody said...

Want those Kits to come to you, go buy a cheap can of Tuna Fish in Oil, Put some on a Paper Plate, they will all come to feed usually, thats how we would catch them, I wonder if Bull Dogs have a Gene that makes them go Deaf, Our Junkyard in Edwards growing up had an Old Bull Dog who was Deaf but great Vision and he could "Bite" ! Pretty quiet with these Ear Plugs in ! Take care of those Kits and Your Honey ! Sending down Love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae

Susie said...

Jack, It was a shock about Rick passing so unexpectedly. Sad . I pray for his family. I love kittens playing. Hope you and your wife are safe and enjoying some summertime. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

betty said...

The kittens are so cute! Glad that they allow you to hold them. You both definitely are their security blanket! They seem like good helpers too!


NanaDiana said...

I am sorry about Stormy but so glad you have kitty babies to enjoy. Seems like you are Mama & Papa Cat to them now.
I have never seen a cat climb down a tree either but I suspect many of them have done it.
Hope you and Sherry are doing well. We have been in our RV up north with no internet and very limited cell phone service. Kind of nice to be home and have internet again. Hugs- Diana

Mevely317 said...

That's a great story about Jean! Our meteorologist regularly mentions Opp in his forecast, and I always think about Jean. Those striped kitties are beautiful, aren't they? I wonder if there's not a 'Stormy, Jr.' in your and Sherry's future? Part of the reason I enjoy you (and Rick) so much is/was your tender hearts for dogs. I wouldn't be surprised if Calliou-the-wonder-Collie wasn't there at Heaven's gate to welcome Rick.

Lisa said...

Those kittens are really cute. I’d take one but Nick says “No!”.
They are fun to watch play and when they snuggle to sleep they the all want to be on the top.

Hope Stormy returns

Glenda said...

Those kittens are precious and MJ looks great!

yaya said...

I don't see too many kitties in trees so I guess they find their way down! I hope Stormy shows up but the last time you posted her pic she looked pretty beat up. The kittens are cute but I think they will be in danger too. A trip to the vet for fixing and then up for adoption would be a good thing! I think Rick would have like the pic of the dog you posted. Still in shock over his passing. This has been the weirdest year ever. Take care!

Sheila Y said...

Yes, Sam caused Mom quite a time. He got out of the house back in March I believe and stayed gone a few days. Jarin was here with her and said Mom was worried about him. But he finally showed back up at the door. He’ll be going home with us when the time comes. If not for that I’d love the little grey kitty behind the black one. My girls have been staying here at Mom’s, I’ve been here a couple of weeks doing things and will go home probably Saturday morning. I have some doctors appointments and dentist next month, then come back up again. Take care, Sheila