Friday, October 10, 2014

A beautiful trip to Peace River

Before we made an offer on the property in Florida, we stopped by Mustard’s last stand. Melbourne Hot dog stand. She got a chili Cheese dog I had the Kraut Dog, I think Mark had a ‘messy’ dawg:
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 001
Okay the yesterday we headed across Florida I love the roads here that are lined with palm trees.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 006Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 007
The ranches and farms have entrances decorated, some more than others. this is a Dairy Farm:
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 008
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 021
I remember these from the 1940-50’s. Stuckeys, I loved the pecan rolls. this one was advertised for YeeHaw Junction.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 009

BUT FIRST a traffic jam. It is nice to be retired and not on a tight schedule. If the traffic stops for 30 minutes, and you are in a motor home, NO PROBLEM.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 011
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 012
We were like this for 30 minutes. The lady on the phone, turned and walked to our RV. I opened the window,”You may think this terrible but my mother needs to use the bathroom, we…” I broke her off and said bring her on down I understand completely.
There was no need for thanks, we were glad we were there.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 013
We passed beautiful Sod farms (above). And drove the some beautiful (deserted) roads.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 014
Passed miles of orange groves  and……
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 018
Cattle Ranches.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 022
We went thru some Florida Panther Country Also.
We passed thru the beautiful town of Frostproof.
And found another beautiful Live Oak to park under at Peace River.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 025
I love these tropical areas, I even love these 50-60 foot skinny palm trees. We are here earlier than the average Snow Birds, as you can see the park is pretty empty. We like that.
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 026
One of the occupants is certainly ready for Halloween!
Hickhamto PEACERIVCER 027
Glad to have a home for two weeks. The river is up, but the area is lovely.
Thanks for coming by the LOG
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PS: another how did this happen?
Musta been exceeding the 35mph speed limit.
Pictures from Shirl's camera 054
Not sure of the year, but it is late 20’s early 30’s.
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Elizabeth said...

Love the mustard stand ! So cute !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Loved the cute picture of you and Sherry there at Mustards. I'd say being in a traffic jam with a motor home would have it's benefits! From what I hear most snow birds don't leave Ohio till Thanksgiving then there is a long line of them coming down. I often wish I was one of them, but then my family is mostly here so here I stay. That sure does look like a very peaceful place to be parked.

Dar said...

I'm at a loss for words, ...hmmm, we just made some kraut to go with you two. lol
So you're settled in for a bit again, buying a fixer-upper, maybe selling the RV...(can't see that happening, but can see you in a pick-up truck) and just having fun along the way. I love your life.
Think of you two so often.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Woody said...

Very Familiar with Yee Haw Junction, my Brother Donnie had a nice place in Frost Proof but my sister in law sold it after he passed away.

Loved living on the Peace River, I think we were farther down than where you are now, last time we checked out the Peace River Fish Camp it was a DUMP.
You 2 take care, Oh yes, we had our first Snow Fall last night on White Face Mountain, about 2 hours from where we live!!! sending Love and well wishes, Gary and Anna Mae

shirl72 said...

Glad you are put for 2 weeks. I
can sympathy with the Lady that
needed to use the bathroom.

Beautiful drive I guess you are
still close to Palm Bay.

Hope everything is going OK with
Mark and his houses.

Paula said...

Interesting and pretty entry as always. I've always wondered about potty need and traffic. Naturally I would since I take a diretic. So nice of you and Sherry to oblidge the poor lady.

betty said...

Ever find out what caused that traffic jam? That was nice of you guys to allow someone to use your services :)

It does look like a nice place to park yourself for 2 weeks, even with the theme of the Halloween decorations :)



LOVE the Mustards photo. yesterday my hubby was also stuck in traffic. he was there for an hour an a half sipping coffee. He too could have used your bathroom. LOL LOVE that story.

Mevely317 said...

Y'all are so cute in that Mustards photo!
Ya, I can sure recall being stuck on the highway, most notably the Sunday after Thanksgiving headed south to Tampa.
And Yee-haw Junction? - I used to think people were making that up! LOL.

Sheila Y said...

That hotdog and mustard look familiar... Glad you were able to help a Lady in need... Like Paula I take a diuretic too. Enjoy your stay! Sheila

Glenda said...

Wonderful pics, enjoy!

Chatty Crone said...

Love the two mustards. Love the beach smell when you enter Florida. I would never ever in my life think to ask to use another bathroom - good for her and you!

Have you ever had a Chicago Dog? They are the best!