Monday, October 20, 2014

Most folk like music


When I was a kid, the churches I attended ALWAYS encouraged singing. Kids doing the active songs, most had motions. It was fun. I remember a kids song that must have been entitled, “Deep and Wide”. We made motions of deep and wide as we would sing those words. Then there was a ‘fountain flowing , deep and wide, and we made motions of flowing.


Timid kids were encouraged to sing ‘solos’ to help remove the fright of being ‘up front’ of a group of people. Some needed no encouragement (ha).


If you notice when we are kids we do not mind showing off in front of our family, but some get ‘tongue tied’ when they actually stand alone to perform. Singing helped relieve a lot of fears.


Our family and churches were always encouraging all music instruments, many of the churches I attend had a ‘band’. Kids were encouraged to take band and bring their instruments and play in church.  It also added to your musical abilities because mixing the wind instrument with strings you had to ‘transpose’, or play in a different key than the song was written. If I remember right If a song was on the piano in one ‘flat’ (b-flat), I had to play the trumpet in four flats to harmonize.

Solo’s were always encouraged on ‘all’ instruments at one time or the other.  Some were very good, others were terrible, but EVERYONE was enjoyed by the congregation or crowd.


Since my hearing has deteriorated to the point that my aids now, are the strongest possible, I cannot enjoy musical instruments and vocal information at the same time. It produces a sound sorta like fingernails on a chalk board, remember?

I wrote all that to say this, Glenda invited us to the Church of Christ in Okeechobee yesterday. My first time ever in a church with ‘NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS’. I actually knew two of the hymns that were sang a cappella. I could sing a long (sorta) and understand the words. No one looked at me like ‘WHAT ARE YOU SINGING?”Surprised smile!!!

It was an experience I will not soon forget, but since I am so used to seeing at least an organ, piano or key board in worship it would be a worship process hard for me to get used to, but I did appreciate it, and learned something I did not know, under different I do hear a little better.

We had a good time visiting and having dinner with Glenda and her friend Charley. He listened as I talked. (I cover my hearing loss by being a motor mouth, it is a habit I have developed, If I control the conversation, I know ‘half’ what is going on. Winking smile

The same with my blog entries, I talk too much.


Oh, Did you have a rhythm band in first grade?


Sorry about that. Thanks for coming by.

Nite Shipslog


A friend told the blonde man: "Christmas is on a Friday this year."Smile

The blonde man then said, "Let's hope it's not the 13th."Surprised smile


Pictures from Shirl's camera 084Pictures from Shirl's camera 090Pictures from Shirl's camera 049

(Shirl called and asked a friend to open his car collection for a private showing for us last year, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and drooled a little)


Paula said...

Shirl has a lot of "pull". I love old cars. I always wondered how they got those up several stories in a hotel in Las Vegas. I played in the Rhythum (sp) band. Have a picture somewhere and guess who along with about three other girls didn't wear her shoes like the teacher told us to.

shirl72 said...

I remember you playing the trumpet
and me the French Horn in the band.
Now I play the piano, organ, keyboard, auto harp and drums.
I was singing solo's at age 5.
I am no longer comfortable doing
any of these. I'm letting the young
people show their talents. hee hee
I'm retired...

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I love singing and music - and in my mind I can sing - but the truth is - not really!!! lol I would never ever sing a solo - no way no how! I have been in churches that have sung without instruments - very pretty.

Glenda said...

Jack Darnell, you never cease to amaze, how skillfully you wove in the Church of Christ singing into your intro. Said it before, say it again, you are amazing:) Must be Sherry's influence 'cause she is even more so :) Love you two, so happy you came to Chobee for church and another 'mealtime''s our connection...get together and eat sumpin!

betty said...

I have heard of some churches that don't have instruments and everything is sung acapello. Sounds like you had a nice visit with Glenda! I don't remember having a band in 1st grade, but I do remember playing the recorder in 4th grade; really enjoyed that!


Mevely317 said...

I love watching little children perform! ... but this is the first I've heard of encouraging their solos to get over their fears. Interesting!

Growing up in the Lutheran church, the only instrument was an organ. Imagine my surprise - and delight - when I started attending other churches who incorporated drums and guitars and brass ... and contemporary music.


Glad you enjoyed singing along. Music fills the heart with joy and it would be sad to lose that.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always nice to be able to sing along. I'm not a good singer but love to do it. When I was little I went to my grand parents church where they sang without any accompaniment and it was beautiful. All the other churches I've attended have had music accompany the singing. Kids do love music! I've never seen one that didn't.