Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Arches at Moab

Arches MOAB MOAB 062

When we stay in an area for awhile I start thinking of places I would like to return to. Once after leaving the USAF Academy at Colorado springs near Denver. We crossed the mountains to take in the Arches. We drove over the beautiful high mountains and headed down thru some even more beautiful country. Vail is nice and I know it must be beautiful in the winter, but we are not going to see that. I prefer the GREEN SKI slopes.

Colorado to UTAH 051

Once out of the mountains and thru this ROCK canyon is one beautiful drive.

Colorado to UTAH 083

As you see here the Interstate is two levels

Colorado to UTAH 091

Looking back, the mountains are spectacular.

Colorado to UTAH 095

Then after the UTAH state line we spy the Welcome to MOAB sign.

Colorado to UTAH 108

These formations are so huge and striking you stand in AWE and wonder how they were formed?

Arches MOAB MOAB 057

Arches MOAB MOAB 007Arches MOAB MOAB 015 - CopyArches MOAB MOAB 019 - CopyArches MOAB MOAB 023 - Copy

The formations are immense. All of them are about the height of the Huge Sheep below, it is 440 ft. tall. (That is about 44 stories  in building size).

Arches MOAB MOAB 025Arches MOAB MOAB 038Arches MOAB MOAB 051

Below we are sitting in one of the many arches.

Arches MOAB MOAB 052Arches MOAB MOAB 063

The one below is called the Cowboy chaps, the Cowboy was pretty bow legged!

Arches MOAB MOAB 078

Places like this stick out in your minds. the folks at the park were courteous and very helpful, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit here.

Thanks for traveling back with us. Oddly this is filed about desert type land, from WET Melbourne, FL.

Nite Shipslog


TWO of those, “How in the world did this happen?”



A couple beautiful Packard’s from Louis out on the other coast..



Above is the Packard 12ScreenShot2014-09-27at9.10.17PMMA29074280-0030


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be something to see. It's nice to have memories of your travels. I can only imagine that it would be hard to pick a favorite. Sure hope your rain stops soon and the sun returns and dries things out for you.

shirl72 said...

What beautiful formations of the
arches. Enjoyed seeing all of them.
You sure have traveled some interesting places.

I trying how that stove or dryer
mashed the front of the vehicle.
My My made a good dent.

Cindi said...

Im a Colo native, been all over the state. Beautiful...I just recently returned from a family vacation in Colo Spgs. We took pics, Garden of the Gods. Went up hwy 24 west to see the Aspen change colors near Divide...luv luv luv Colorado

Cindi said...

And Ive been on that hwy thru Browns canyon. Great trout fishing up there for sure. Everyone needs to travel the 2 level highway.


Beautiful, for sure. A place to put on a bucket list.

betty said...

I think I've been on that road; looks real familiar. Great pictures of a wonderful spot where I am sure the two of you made many wonderful memories!


Paula said...

Love those formations. It's nice to see all the beautiful places through the pictures from you and Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

That's so cool they let you sit in one of the arches. Sad, but so many spots are turning into, 'look but don't touch.' Gorgeous country!

PS - That one image (above the picture of you) looks like a big old dog at rest!

Rick Watson said...

That's interesting about those folks to our met when you were younger.
We too had traveling salesmen that stopped by now and again to sell things you couldn't get at localk stores.

On a side note, you should put a Follow By Email widget on your blog. I use the notices as a reminder to visit and read blogs.

Sheila Y said...

We drove through there on our way to Washington state from Texas (moving). It was an awesome sight to see. I'm not sure if we drove through rock canyon but we did drive through something similar, it's beautiful but I felt a little claustrophobic. Moving back to Alabama it was night when we went through there. Did you see the horse head on blue mountain in Monticello, Utah? Take care, Sheila
PS. It's nice and cool up here!