Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola, A very big threat

Sherry and I were talking today about this big problem facing the world today. She was saying the disease we HATE, cancer, at least is not contagious. When  Mom Dad sister or brother has it, you can hold them hug them and offer some intimacy with your concern.

With Ebola, if you are even able to communicate at all, it is through masks and layers of sealed clothing.  The victim must feel terribly alone.


If you are old enough to remember the terrible time in the late 1940’s to mid 1950’s when Polio was the fear of a nation. Parents kept their kids quarantined voluntarily, at least where I lived.

I am one of the positive souls, I guess I was born that way. When I was first aboard ship my new wife asked what I would do if the ship sank. My first thought was, and I expressed it, “Honey, count on it, I will swim home.” If a plane crashed and I was aboard, I would survive. Or that is what my mind says. I am not as positive about others and their abilities, but I am a survivor.

I just came back from tucking my girl in. I told her I enjoyed today with her, it was a good day. Then I said, “Every day on this side of the grass with my girl is a good day.”

I am smart enough to know that I could not swim the Atlantic ocean, but you cannot tell my heart that. I do not dread life, no living in fear. I am not cavalier enough to step in front of a train, but I am not afraid to cross a trestle.

I would not risk being around a person with Ebola, if I knew it. Back when the outbreak first was announced, I said we should stop all commercial flights from West Africa, until we know more about it. Sure it would inconvenience many, but it may also stop the spread until we know more.

My mind set, is not a fear that I or my family will die of Ebola, but I fear many will. My belief is in God and the Medical Scientists of the world. Someone will develop a cure, resistant, or viable control. We have some brilliant men, and someone will find the answer. BUT in the mean time we must be vigilant.

I mentioned Polio early on, many suffered with Polio and had the results the rest of their lives, but Jonas Salk, persevered and saved millions of lives.

****************From the internet***************


On March 26, 1953, American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk announces on a national radio show that he has successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes the crippling disease of polio.

……… polio was considered the most frightening public health problem of the Post War United States. Annual  epidemics were increasingly devastating. The 1952 epidemic was the worst outbreak in the nation's history. Of nearly 58,000 cases reported that year, 3,145 people died and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis, with most of its victims being children. The "public reaction was to a plague," said historian Bill O’Neal  "Citizens of urban areas were to be terrified every summer when this frightful visitor returned."


There is a Jonas Salk out there. I believe it.

Thanks for coming this way.

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betty said...

I agree, Jack, they will find a cure for Ebola, someone will, when I'm not sure. I have to say I was not happy when I heard Ebola was here in the United States. You think that it won't happen in your neighborhood, but (it later turned out to be a fake) a girl in the local community college told her instructor she was on a plane with one of the nurses that had Ebola, which ultimately got a part of the campus closed for a bit and several students quarantined for several hours while they investigated everything. She later changed her story, but hearing that it possibly could be less than 3 miles from where you live and across the street from where hubby teaches guitar sent a moment of panic. But we do go on living, hopefully not in fear.


Yaya Snaps said...

Since folks first began traveling between continents...disease has traveled also. I think of the Native Americans whose populations were decimated by diseases like smallpox, plague, chicken pox, influenza, measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis and whooping cough. Diseases brought by European settlers. Ebola is just the latest in a long list of diseases to be brought to this continent. I'm hopeful that scientist will be able to find treatments and long term solutions. And while I'm a closet hypochondriac I will continue to live as long as I can.

Chatty Crone said...

I could not agree more - we need to stop flying people in - I know that sounds harsh, but it is true.

My husband said there is a cure for it - but it takes forever to make and extremely hard. The first doctor here in GA got it.

I tell you.

shirl72 said...

Well I will be flying to Florida
Christmas I don't worry as much
about going as it is coming back form Florida. People form every where come into Florida. Maybe
they will have a cure by Christmas.

Paula said...

My daughter and I were just talking about this today. A bad situation.

Mevely317 said...

There you go again, reading my mind, Jack! :)
Day before yesterday while waiting for my flu shot, I got to thinking how in elementary school they'd line us up in the gym to get our polio shots and gosh knows what else. One year, we even got sugar cubes. Whoop! Anyway, for some crazy reason that ritual always made me feel proud and patriotic. Weird, huh?
But yes, I well remember the fear about contracting polio. My parents even took me to see a little girl in an iron lung at the State Fair.

There's so much we still don't know about the Ebola virus. Praying for a vaccine!


Someone will come up with a cure for Ebola. But the question is when? how long will mankind endure this dreaded disease until it is eradicated.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This is a subject that has been on a lot of peoples minds for sure. None of us wants it for sure. I do pray they find a vaccine of some sort soon. Modern medicine has put a stop to many killing diseases so we know there is hope for this one.