Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Horse shoes

Growing up if you had asked my favorite game I would have answered Pitching horseshoes. WE boys didn’t know there was supposed to be a 40 feet between the stakes.


Like the men above we did not have boxes around the post. As a matter of fact sometimes our throws were measured in steps to the peg instead of inches.Surprised smile


The first shoes I pitched were real old worn out horse shoes at Jim & Bub Page’s house. They kept the shoes when Frank was reshod.


I enjoyed it because I took to it pretty well and held my own. I flipped my shoes, many guys could throw the shoe flat and trying to get it to take two turns before it hit the stake. BIL Sonny’s style.

We had a few family games at one RV park when Sonny and our boys came down.

Brother in law sonny pitched a pretty shoe, He liked to hang them on the stake and see the spin down.100_1751100_1752

Sherry pitched against Sonny, Sonny was good.


I pitched against son-jack out of the other box.


Sherry said, did I pitch it too high?

Below is a horseshoe puzzle. the trick is to get the circle off the shoes. I used it several time in my magic act, as a filler.


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betty said...

I never played horse shoes but always enjoyed watching others play the game. It does take a certain type of skill I think!


Paula said...

I used to like to pitch horseshoes but never had those boxes. Also liked to shoot marbles and pitch washers. Sounds like I was a tom boy but I wasn't.

Chatty Crone said...

That looked like so much fun - I used to love to play that.


I pitched horseshoes as a kid, but nothing too formal. My dad was the real expert. Looks like you all had some fun. ENJOY!

Mevely317 said...

I never got to pitch horseshoes, either. (Dang, suppose there's a government dole to be had for those of us deprived young-uns? LOL!)

Methinks this would be better fun than computer/FB games.

PS - Love Sherry's form on the release!

shirl72 said...

I love to pitch horse shoes and I was pretty good.. That was our game at Bible School every Summer..
It is a game everybody can play
and also enjoyable to watch.
I never hear of anybody playing it
today's world. I guess it is to old fashion.

Dar said...

They have horseshoe teams here and they travel bar to bar to play, have tournaments, plain old-fashioned fun. Bill is pretty good but not on any teams except mine. Slim pitches for a team yet, I think. He's always up to something. You two and your teammates look right 'sporting.' It is good fun exercise too.
You two are sure looking fine, healthy and happy. I'm not surprised.
loveya's from up north where the temp is dropping in the 20's tonight...dangitall

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What fun you all had pitching horseshoes ! I enjoyed the pictures ! I've pitch a few but was never really much good. The fun for me is the being with the folks playing the game. It's getting colder here after a few above normal days now we'll be seeing some below normal temps they say. Hope you all continue to enjoy the sunshine !