Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Visitor… well sort of

We don’t get many visitors while on the road. But there are times the kids can drop by. I guess you can call 50+ year old sons kids, can’t you?


So Mark is coming over from the Melbourne area. I don’t know if he has located a house yet or not. I hope he has. He told his mom he was doing some work at Kenny’s house. Kenny is his friend from his teen years in Key West. They have kept in contact.

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So when do they grow up in mom and Dad’s Mind? I was probably in my late 30’s when dad passed, and I do not think I ever grew up in his mind.

Funny how animals and other wild life are. The new birds are sent off to fend for themselves once they learn to fly. The mama cow knows when to wean the calf and basically say you are on your on. I need to ask Pauline about that.

The Turtle lays her eggs covers them with sand and probably says a prayer over them and walks off, I wonder if she looks back?  The eggs hatch and the new born must start searching for food on day one.  Wonder how they know what is eatable? (do they ever wonder about their mama, they live to be a hundred yrs old, they have time, that is for sure)  Now puppies and kittens, I think they would stay with mama forever if they were not given away or sold.


(The boys JJ on left Mark on right, inside the Hunter Museum in Bandera, Texas)

Well that is what was on my mind.Shifty

Do you (did you), allow your kids to grow up?

Do you still stick your nose in their business?

Do you still try to fix all the problems? 


                       (Mama & her boys)

Funny, I seldom  worry about me, but I sure can burn some brain cells worrying about everyone else in the family.  Don’t yell at me MA, yeah,  I know worrying does no good. And I am getting better at it (I think)Smile (Sometimes I wish my forgetter was good in worry areas!)

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Rick Watson said...

We don't have children, but we helped raise nieces and nephews.
We fret about their wellbeing, and their decisions:)

Elizabeth said...

My daughters are in their 30' s and will always be my babies as are my 4 grandchildren. They have always lived near me and we are all close, but now one of the daughters is considering a move to Texas, she has been offered a very good job and my oldest grandson goes off to college this year so for the first time some of my babies will be leaving their Mama. I know they will be fine, not sure about Mama though!

Unknown said...

Jack, You had better see this and get on the stick and find me and help me get some of the other bloggers addresses. Sent out a nation wide search for you almost. I am being nice to Joe, sort of.!!!


Your kids never really grow up and you will always parent them.

betty said...

Hubby's mom was referring to hubby as her baby and he was 58 years old at the time :)

I think we do need to let our kids grow up and not jump right in and solve their problems. There's the term, helicopter parenting, where the parent is "buzzing" around the child like a helicopter would be, always jumping in to help the child, be involved in their stuff, etc. I can be one of those type of parents; I need to let go more :)

Great pictures of your sons and you guys throughout the times :)


shirl72 said...

Since I don't have any children
I will help you worry. hee hee.
When I would worry about something
I had a friend who would say, "This
to shall pass" I would think but
when. Thank goodness Life is Good.

Paula said...

I think I let go to a certain extent. Lynda went to college in San Marcos. A ways away but still close enough we could rescue when she had car trouble or got sick. Leah got married and went to Germany right after high school. In nine months her husband had to bring her home. The next time they went to Germany she did okay.

Paula said...

Oh forgot to tell you some of the calves nurse until John sells them. Then the mama bawls and goes all over looking for them.

Mevely317 said...

I love grade-school pictures ... and Mark's is no exception!

I try(!) not to let it show, but I'm always worrying about my son and family. We don't talk all that often, but they're constantly in my thoughts. Unfortunately, this often occurs at 2 or 3AM!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I won't yell at you Jack. Long ago I learned the lesson of letting go. My family was always so close when they were all at home and it near broke my heart when they started leaving home. Most as you know live some distance away. To save myself a lot of worry, I had to let the good Lord take over. It's not that I don't get concerned, I often do. This mother hen can no longer cover her flock with her wings, so I pray a lot. It's Trick or Treat here in our town tonight and I'll be out on the porch handing out the treats and remembering how much fun we had back when.