Friday, October 24, 2014

Shopping is sometimes a sport, other times…..

At one time my Sherry went shopping every week with her two sisters, sometimes the nieces went. Seldom did my girl come back with anything, but in her words, “We really had a lot of fun.” I seldom shopped with Sherry, but some men do shop with their wives:
Most men are like me, if we need something, we go buy it and leave the store. Very seldom has my girl asked me to shop with her. She knows if I shop, I BUY! As you can see any Saturday some men shop with their wives:

I guess it was something to do with the fun company on those shopping trips of long ago, because she seldom shops now.
BUT I know some men go shopping, because I see them, yep, some men still shop with their wives:
These guys wish their wives had sisters!
But in the interest of Love, some make the best of it.
Us men do not understand the process of looking  and looking.  We don’t understand what is wrong with Jeans and a T shirt?
Jeans are good for all occasions, you need about four different color shirts, what is the big deal?
Then some men don’t care how long it takes, they just find a comfortable place.
Okay, honesty? I really only shop with Sherry for Groceries. She is sweet and understands. There are times she does get her friends or nieces to shop, when we are around the Charlotte Area. She is not now, and never has been a compulsive shopper.
Now Sister Shirl? That is another story, one that I ain’t gonna tell. But her closets have clothes with the tags still on them.Surprised smileWinking smile
Honest? I received these pictures in an e-mail, and thought they would be fun. BUT I know I could have taken some of them myself in our travels, just in the last few weeks.Smile
Nite Shipslog
Hey Woody, , I am finding out what you Yankees do for fun in the winter:
Just got this beauty from Louis on the left coast:
1953 Studebaker


Sheila Y said...

Lol, good post. I think Rick enjoys shopping more than me... Ha. Take care down there in sunny Florida, Sheila

betty said...

Hubby's mom enjoyed shopping. Hubby's dad would go with her, but stay in the coffee shop talking with people while she shopped. I am like you, I like to go in and buy. I actually would be quite content never stepping inside a store again, LOL. You can pretty much get anything delivered to your house these days, even groceries :)


shirl72 said...

You are right about my shopping.
I shop like I am a mission form
GOD. You are right I have clothes
in my closet that still have the
tags on them. I just bought a
blouse today. I love shopping.
I can look at a rack and tell if I would be interested on anything there. I getting a little better
as I grow older.


No doubt about it... retail therapy has it's advantages.

Paula said...

Good and funny entry Jack. Just today I was looking for a blouse with gray in it to match a nice pair of gray pants I want to wear to church. John is color blind so was trying to get me to buy blouses that didn't match. He finally decided to go sit down and I still didn't find anything.

Mevely317 said...

Unless it's on-line I don't recall ever really enjoying shopping experience. Most likely, I didn't have the right company? LOL.

Tom is such a sport. I think I glimpsed him in one of your photos, but I'm not one to kiss and tell! LOL!

The snowy smiley-faces just cracked me up!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like to shop and have to agree that the company you have makes a big difference. More than not anymore the shopping I do is in the grocery store, but I love it when the little ones birthdays come and I get to go shopping for a grandchild.

Rick Watson said...

This post is a scream Jack. Those pictures could have been me.
The first thing I do when I shop with Jilda, I scope the area for chairs or couches.
I don't have the knees to remain in the hunt for long :)

Chatty Crone said...

My husband loves to grocery shop with me because he puts things in the basket. The other kind of shopping he'd rather die! lol