Saturday, October 11, 2014

The internet is a haven for BULL-CRAP as well as treasures.

                       Snarky entry
Want a cure for Cancer, diabetes, gaining weight or being ugly?  No problem, just search the net. Did you know there is a cure for cancer and that the pharmaceutical companies are keeping it hid so they can make Billions? (BS!!!!)
When I was searching for information on cancer because friend Jim, Shirl’s dear husband  had just heard from his doctor, “Sorry but we have found CANCER.”
Searching the net I found a guaranteed cure, only $98. A company in Canada had a money back cure.  Their web page was complete with personal testimonies of folks who had been diagnosed and turned to this WEBSITE for the miracle they were searching for. IT touted Loudly:  HURRY BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT SHUTS US DOWN BECAUSE WE FOUND THEIR SECRET!
That type of advertisement makes one sick. If you are dying of cancer, one might say, what the hey, $98 is nothing even if it doesn’t work, I must try something. (I get my money back, if it doesn’t work!Embarrassed smile) Balogna!
I just received 4 e-mails that had the cure for diabetes, guaranteed. RIGHT!
Oh yeah and they have a cream that will REMOVE wrinkles without surgery! If you are 60 you can look 20 years younger over night.
We Americans love that “over night” and “immediate results” stuff.  Sorta like our unending search for the healthy fast-food.
Down deep we all know, “There is no free meal!” Well maybe at Mama’s house. And maybe one at a restaurant (as a come on) but over all in life you  must work for what you get.
Many of us dream of winning the lottery, but don’t quit work or stop planning.
I remember when Car dealers were selling cars at $100 over their cost, then it went down to $50 & $25 over cost. YEAH RIGHT (again) That is how they pay all the salaries and utility bills on that big building and lot.

I just learned that in our governments infinite wisdom, if you buy a house from them, no matter the condition YOU cannot resell it for more than 20% above your cost. Time limits are from 90 days to a year, according to your contract. 
BUT, I just got a heads up, our offer has already been rejected. (Nothing in writing, just a text from Mark saying he heard that) I always TRY to accept life as, ‘everything works together for good.’
(I write in circles at times but Thanks for stopping by the log, anyway.)
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betty said...

That is interesting about selling a house bought from the government. You would think they would want to reduce their burden of debt so to speak and get someone to buy a house from them. Doesn't seem right with the percentage that you can sell it afterwards. What if the market really increases and its worth more than the 20% extra? Just doesn't seem right, but I guess that is the government for you.

So true so much can be found on the internet, that's why I think we have to be careful when we do research on something. There's a lot of good information out there but indeed lots of scams too!


shirl72 said...

I know you are relieved about the
government house. They are going to
get everything they can from us.

Guess I better get off the computer.
It is thundering, but I don' see
it light up. Just started to rain which we needed. Find another house
closer to NC but still in Fl. We
need a vacation home...

Mevely317 said...

I guess it all comes down to 'let the buyer beware', but those scam artists make me sick.
No matter what she says, my friend's 'better half' has been throwing good money after bad, sending $ to someone he met on-line who promises a cure for diabetes.
Last I heard, there's only one miracle maker - and I don't think He advertises on the World Wide Web.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I try not to lose my temper over these companies. not for me, but for those poor folks who are either uneducated or naive.

I can assure you that if by chance I might see one of their buildings burning, I would conveniently be unable to find a phone to call the fire department.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear about your friend having cancer. It's something no one wants for sure. The internet can be of help in lots of cases, but you are right there are always some trying to make some quick money out there. It's a nippy morning here close to the freezing mark but the sun is out and warming up to the 60's they say. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Glenda said...

You said a mouthful in this post. Just an hour ago I clicked on a headline of the "16 biggest hypocrites in politics". Interesting info, and yes there are some scoundrels, realized after viewing the slide show, there were ALL Republicans. Go figure, was reading the HuffPost :)
[kept looking for Teddy Kennedy, nah he wasn't there]. The internet is a huge resource for information, like everything else it's "buyer beware".

Chatty Crone said...

Is that your brother in law? I am so sorry. You have to be careful out there when you are sick - people promises lots of things.


My friend who had cancer used to believe all those stories about things that would cure it and spent alot of hard earned money to try them . So sad.