Saturday, October 25, 2014

Need Inspiration, Sometimes it takes GUTS, to aspire and inspire…


We are here in Florida, healthy, happy and blessed. Our lives have had the normal human JOYS and sadness. We have had family challenges and some VERY BAD situations, BUT TODAY?


My girl said, lets make a ‘good’ cup of coffee and go outside sit and talk.  What a wonderful time with my girl.


After enjoying all this tropical beauty, and two good cups of java,  I came inside and had an e-mail from friend Joan out in Utah, the ‘Other Grandma’ to Ben, Corey and Elsie Mae.

I felt good, I wasn’t in the dumps, Joan said you need to see this, I did and NO I had not seen it, WOW:>

Inspiration is something we all need. After Sherry watched it she told me the story, I only saw the video. What a great story.

Nite Shipslog


So, this is what you  guys do for fun up North in the winter:




Presidential Limo’s (Guessing FDR)


Paula said...

Watched the video then had trouble getting back to your comment section to say WOW. I'm speechless. Looks like you and Sherry have a nice little place to have your coffee and chat. Love it.

Chatty Crone said...

WOW how does one get that kind of determination?

Mevely317 said...

I hate to be redundant, but WOW!!!
God bless her mom and dad!

My ordinary today has sure been enriched. Thank you for sharing this!


That video is unbelievable. INSPIRATIONAL, for sure. Will never be able to say, CAN'T again.

Woody said...

I love where you have the Motorhome parked, I miss Florida, Hope to make it down this Winter!! You both look relaxed with your "Cup of Joe" sitting around.
You 2 take care!!!
Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

Thanks for sharing that video, Jack! I'm going with what some other commenters said and also saying "Wow". Absolutely amazing! Loved her story.

Also loved the picture of you and Sherry enjoying your morning coffee and time together :)


shirl72 said...

Looks like you are having a
wonderful relaxed day.

After watching the video I said,
LORD help me never to complain.
What a beautiful story and a beautiful girl with courage. GOD
bless the couple.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looking at your pictures it is hard to believe that it is fall. Such a change from what we are seeing here. Those days you get to enjoy are a blessing and something to hold tight too after knowing that hard days do come for us all. I'm watching another beautiful sunrise here this morning. Happy Sunday !

~mel said...

Wish I was there sipping coffee with you and the Mrs. taking in the tropic view. You're both lookin' good :) ... but if I was there the peace and quiet of the campgrounds would be lost because I'd be shouting at you to turn up your old hearing aid! LOL... gosh... do you miss me yet?

~mel said...

... and yep ... that would be me in the back seat ... because I don't drink and drive :)

I don't draw in the snow .. I just pee in it to see the pretty color yellow because white is so boring.