Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Juanelle

In 1959 we met the family of Kenneth and Eileen Conrad, we started attending a church where they were members. This was such an amazing family. Kenneth had been a paratrooper in WWII and coming back through Florida, he met Eileen Pinder. A wonderful cultured young lady from South East Florida. Eileen had a wonderful singing voice and so did her sisters and they sang as a trio. I have heard stories of these ladies range and harmony, after hearing Eileen sing, I knew this lady could have sang in Carnegie Hall.

The story continues….. Kenneth being an honest guy, but also a sweet talker, married Eileen and took her from the modern conveniences and warm weather she was used to here in  Florida to a farm house with  running water, and also an out house in North central Missouri.

Eileen was happy being a farm wife, learned very quickly the ways of a Missourian, and in the process bore 10 children. We met them when there were 9, David Luke was the baby and came later.

Anyway thru the years we have kept in touch. Friend Kenneth has passed on but the rest of the family is still around, some scattered.

Today we travel to Pompano Beach to attend a Birthday for Juanelle. I am thinking she is the third child, she and some flying in from Missouri.

Conradfamily abc

Harry the tall guy is playing with Juanelle’s hair. In front of Jua, is Glenda holding the baby at the time, Vickie. Front row is Irma, Lil, Mary.

Second row is left Robert, Kenny, and Vickie.

This is a singing family:

Conrad David Jua Eileen2Conrad folks at the party22

The guy here is David Luke, master carpenter and the baby of the family. Every one of the children have been successful in their own right.

Conrad Glenda and NeeConrad Harry Conrad the man

This is Glenda with Irma Lea, or Aunt Nee as she is affectionately called. the eldest Harry Vietnam Vet.

Conrad Vickie C BD party

This is Eileen and Vickie singing, this family sings. Vickie has even more range and strength than mama Eileen.

all conradsConrad Harrys BD Crowdeconrads - Copy

img054 - Copy

This is our son Mark and Little Vickie, today will be the first time they have seen each other in 50 years.

            conrads - Copy - Copygtmoa scan0022

the Birthday girl, Jua….

scan1994-96 002 - Copy

Happier times with Kenneth and Eileen on one of our passes thru Missouri. Kenneth farmed 40 Acres and worked full time at HB Chance. They raised a marvelous family….

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Old Friends are great.



Kenneth had a dodge about like this, When the family was in it, it was LOaded.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful family to have for friends. Hope you enjoy your visit with some of them !

betty said...

How neat for a friendship to have lasted these many years and you get to spend sometime with the family today! Enjoy!


Mevely317 said...

By the time you read this, I hope you're home safely and the celebratory visit was a hit!

I've always been drawn to family photos - whether I know the members or not. (Perhaps a casualty of being an only-child?)
At any rate, I wanted to say 'thank you' for thinking to label these images with everyone's names! It sort of makes this big old world seem a little more intimate, you know?


Sounds like it will be a wonderful birthday celebration for your friend. That was alot of children in the family, that's for sure..

Rick Watson said...

We have friendships that lasted through the years. We don't get together as often as we'd like, but I think of them often.

shirl72 said...

You can see that they were a wonderful family.. They sound
like good singers..would love
to hear them sing. You don't hear
singing today with good harmony.

Glad Mark is getting to meet one
he met when they were small.

Glad you are have a good time and
hope the weather is good.

Paula said...

Nice family story.

Dar said...

You sure have been blessed to know so many wonderful families, this one the size of mine. And isn't it something that kids could pile into one car whereas today, it would take 3 to haul all of us just as kids. Crazy, and woe, we're all still around after all these years without the carseats and buckling up. Heck, we even rode in the back of the pick-up half the time and lived to tell about it. I know, I know, cars are faster and people are crazy. Thanks for letting me vent. You are one in a million.

Glenda said...

So Shirl, you just need to hop a flight to FL to meet Aunt Nee and hear some of Mom's talented children :) [I don't sing much, no "pitch"] but I'll make you chicken 'n dumplings just like Mama made! Come for Jack's February birthday, we'll celebrate!!!
Jack, you and Sherry are the most awesome people I've met in my 65 years on this earth! So happy to see your smiling faces, what a wonderful birthday surprise for Juanelle ~ and to hug Mark ~ you two have beautiful boys and grandkids! Talented too, in so many ways, cannot wait to see Mark's construction skills in person. As I post am listening to my all time favorite Christian record done by Stephen and Josh Darnell. My morning blessing -- as if I wasn't overflowing with happiness from getting to sit with Sherry and enjoy the wondrous day in the park :) Hugs from 'Chobee.