Sunday, January 19, 2020

A poem for my birthday,

A nice automobile
The 1939 Studebaker,Born the same year

For today:
I don’t dwell on poetry, I probably wouldn't even read it, if not for Mrs Mellissa Grill in A little mountain school who taught me there was a lot to poetry. I even started to read some.

Some of you know I have written one children’s book called “Toby’s Tales”.  You that know the Cowgirl Paula from Texas know she is a poet. At times she enjoys  writing silly poems and graciously allowed me to use some of them in my book. Toby was a real turtle; a friend of Paula’s and lived in her back yard. Now I know another poetic person.

Sherry and I have met a fascinating couple from Upstate New York, Harry (Tom) and Evelyn. They are snow birds and down for a few months. Naturally I love Evelyn, she likes my books. LOL  My dad was a peanut farmer in N. Georgia  long before I was born, farms have always interested me. I have learned so much from farmers, these two and their farm lives  are no exception.

For my birthday they came to the motorhome and brought me a card and a BIG Hershey Bar. We visited and I learned even more of silos and drying grain, even a wild story about Evelyn helping him get a Raccoon out of the silo. I  was so engrossed I didn’t open the card, until they were gone.

I was so pleased, I learned Evelyn knew music, but I didn’t know she was a poet also. This is what she wrote:

“Happy Birthday” wishes sent to you,
Today and through all that you do.
From early morning to late at night,
May your special day be joyful and bright.

What an amazing 81 years,
Lived with gusto and eliminating fears.
Adventures you’ve had, on this earth,
Probably started at your birth.

You shared it with a loving wife,
Who would admit it’s been an interesting life.
As an Author you‘ve gained many fans,
And satisfaction worth any man’s.

So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your New York/Florida friends,
Tom & Evelyn

Now ain’t that nice? I have never had a poem written to me before.
Yeah folks, believe it or not,  there really is another sweet Evelyn!
Nite Shipslog


betty said...

That is such a sweet poem by Evelyn! Glad you shared it with us, Jack! Makes us want to think if we want to honor people having birthdays in the future that we know and love with a similar type of poem! I bet this is something you will treasure for a long time!


Mevely317 said...

What a sweet gesture … a gift from the heart! Like Betty said, your card/poem is a keeper!
… almost as good as the tree stump from JJ. Inquiring minds want to know -- is it still with you?

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh another poet - and a good poem. That is one thing I am not - lol. Happy birthday again.

Woody said...

Hope you had a Great Birthday, mine is next month !! SO, you picked the Card for your Birthday !!!! Hope I am around at 81, 91 and 101 !!!! anyway, Hope you had a Great Birthday ! Love from the Snowy North Country !

Lisa said...

Poetry was the only thing in English class that kept my interest. I love reading poems because they are short and sweet. I have written a few poems and even used to write little poems in old boyfriend love letters.

Sweet friends

Rick Watson said...

Poems entice you in, and then keep you there.
Happy birthday Jack.

Glenda said...

What a lovely poem, so happy you got to meet up with them!!! I do love poetry as well. Many more! Hugs from Chobee.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday! What a special card with that poem just for you. You have special friends there in them both . Now you 'll have to see what you can do when it comes their turn. Ha. Hope you can write one just as special for them.


a wonderful poem, for sure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack.